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fwiw i’m not taking issue with mk’s depiction of violence as much as a work culture where everyone is watching snuff films for inspiration to the point that they’re experiencing constant nightmares and intrusive thoughts & management seems oblivious about the toll

also i’m not trying to say folks can’t like the game or anything, i’m just mad that anyone has to go through this to make it


a lot, actually! I know I’m abnormally dedicated to trying to preserve, like, good taste in bad taste, which is why I’m dying on this hill, but I think how you choose to stage the shots, the angles you cut away from, whether you go out of your way to avoid anything that could be construed as sexual violence, etc, make a huge difference to whether it’s being played for comedy or whether it feels gross.


i don’t disagree with any of that, but i think in mk’s case i don’t see a substantial difference between how the fatalities are staged between x and xi. around a quarter of them still seem tonally jarring in their sadism


MK. X is torture porn and MK 11 is happy tree friends


do people do the fatalities during mortal kombat esports tournaments. how is that tension released afterwards. does everyone fuck at the hotel later


the first fighting game made by people with Facebook Content Moderator Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

yeah lol… camp… liu kang… toasty

21 savage isnt even in the fucking game


i’ll report back after i go to evo this year


Glad this sort of stuff still gets discussed. It’s interesting

“I’m telling you man, it’s now been six years of me, every night, posting a scary picture on my Twitter account at 10 o’clock,” says DeLeon. When I ask him if he’s sleeping better or worse in the years since he started the ritual, he answers without a moment’s hesitation. “Better, for sure. I’ve completely desensitized myself to this stuff now. I’m the proud owner of a human kidney.”

“The guys I always feel the worst for are the cinematic artists, because they have to make sure that like, each bone is cracking in a realistic way,” he says. “Even the audio guys probably have a bit of like, PTSD, because they have to spent all this time carefully picking out and putting in all these gory, juicy, crunchy, eviscerating sound effects.”


I barely beat a guy in a KotH match and he cussed me out and quit, but I guess I got my daily for it.


not to derail, but yeah, the MK11 news of the past few weeks has really put me off from wanting to pick it up. like, it looks fun and nostalgic, but these days i just don’t have the stomach to separate out knowledge of stuff like this from my experience of a game and still enjoy it.


MK11 is shaping up to possibly be one of the best fighters of this console generation but it’s also nice to see how much dirty laundry is coming out of its development so that its success doesn’t obscure its toll on the staff. I had completely forgotten about the Rousey thing when I had pre-ordered it on GreenManGaming (because it had like a 20 or 25 percent pre-order discount).

I also feel like more fatalities in MK11 do come off a bit goofier and ridiculous than MKX’s, which was wholly visceral and brutal, but it’s all still really graphic and detailed in a way that makes them feel more icky than necessary. In particularl it feels like they developed some certain effects (a type of blood spray, detailed eyes, and a particular splatter effect) and most fatalities are designed just to make use of and show off those specific affects. It gets eye-rolling at how samey they end or how a final hit is unnecessarily tacked on just to utilize one of those aforementioned affects. Fatalities on D’Vorah are better because she has green monster blood so it looks more fake.

I still want friendships and babailities to come back.

At tournaments for previous NRS you’d rarely even see the win screen because the games have a “restart match” option on the pause screen, so the losing player would just pause in the middle of the winning combo and restart the game. This actually became a discussion point after a while precisely because of the lack of release of tension. You never get to see the decisive blow that finishes a match because the losing player pauses and restarts, or disconnects their controller (which pauses the game).

MK11 has the same option but it has to be turned on from the Option Menu otherwise it won’t appear. I imagine tournaments are turning it on because it speeds things up.


is thinking that excessive blood splatter and crushing squishing sinew sounds are for the most part cute and endearing and familiar actually that generational?


I’m becoming a crank in ways I never even worried about


pop culture still demands it, I think it’s reasonable to see a few perspective pieces about the difference in working on those assets for months and soaking in reference material

And gorehoundery is explicitly divisive; isn’t part of the thrill finding the experience that’s just a bit too uncomfortable and ‘surviving’ it? So it’s impossible to calibrate for everyone, the person who’s been in this for decades and the 11-year-old’s first fake blood experience



I think the rousey thing probably damned them here too actually because most of the voices who I’d expect to echo support for tasteful tastelessness aren’t going to forgive one extremely bad celebrity VA


That one Sonya fatality really shocked me. The one where she breaks the other guy’s arm in half, then completely breaks his nose in, summons a turret from the sky that cuts the guy in half, and when his severed upper body crawls away shoots him in the face. The crawling away fearfully is what got me. That’s really brutal! But yeah, I’ve gotten used to it and I like that it shocked me and kinda stepped over the line. I just really like gory stuff in movies and videogames. I like to be grossed out and scared and “surviving” it.

It sometimes also really hurts when you’re at the receiving end of a fatality after a tense round. It’s insult to injury and I like how intense that feels. Makes me really salty sometimes. Not many games can do that


don’t play this trash


This is probably what my dad thought when he saw me play the first MK on the Mega Drive and I did the Liu Kang dragon fatality. But he had the decency to let me play what I wanted and trusted that I’d be okay because I was always pretty mature for my age. So, I don’t know, why are you so against cartoon violence?


absolutely play this trash


he was right


its absolutely importantni think to consider both perspectives but i see mk11 as becoming a new Problematic Fave that cant be talked about honestly by people; its the only fighting game.i can think about where criticism of past things seems to have been considered heavily with a story that goes out of its way to give due to some of its more marginalized characters

that’ll prpbabpy get lost in the shuffle of discussion but i’m not surprised at all. i made a Twitter Post, that the new release schedule people need to get used to is not how long before a developer annpunces pointless DLC after launch but how soon after it’s discovered the game was made under awful working conditions