FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


I’m at the point with the Krypt where the only way for me to progress is to both 1) gather 10000 souls (I’m…a little over halfway there) and 2) get everyone’s severed heads.

Thankfully I think they increased soul allocation to something like 15 per fight. And heads drop after 25 fatalities/brutalities instead of 50.

A lot of the really good character intros/outros are locked behind those heads, and the doors those open!

Anyway, still playing this like some kinda morbid idle game so I can play dress up with my weird monster people.


PROTIP: If you don’t want to earn them, there’s a glitch you can use to open the severed head chests without having the heads. I don’t know if it’s been patched out yet but I did it on PC a couple of days ago.

Walk up to one of the head chests so that the “Locked” message appears. Then quit to the main menu. Now press the X button (or whatever your accept button is) to enter the Krypt mode again but keep the X button held down. Keep holding that button down and walk your way to one of those severed head chests and the chest will open. You have to press the X button to accept your loot so you have to repeat the process from there.

Just make sure you’ve hit the gong in that severed head area to open the gate to the starting area so your walk isn’t too long each time. If you walk near one of those glowing green bodies along the way you’ll interact with them and have to start over, so if you haven’t opened those don’t too close to them when walking to the severed head chests.

There seemed to be an exploit to open all the time consuming chests or locks early but I don’t know what’s been patched at this point.


Yeah, I think the only thing that hasn’t been patched out is bypassing the Shinnok Amulet thing.


Well, I did it. I got all the damn heads (the lowered count + running the AI through the Survival tower did the trick). Now I just need to get about 1500 souls (plus 1500 more, because of course after spending 10000 souls you would need even more to craft an item) to open this one last door.

And I guess 6000 more if I want to cross The Pit and get the chest in the pond.


Excited to finally play this damn game now. I know it sounds like a joke, but just knowing there was stuff gated away in that Krypt…couldn’t shake the thought. Had to get that out of the way.

Probably gonna keep trying with Jax and Johnny. Cassie feels too different from MKX for me to go back to.


I keep farming shit with AI towers of time all the time too. It’s horrible. When it’s there I just can’t help but use it.

Oh and about souls: I hear that you can farm Reptile for 200 souls a pop. You can get over 3000 souls per hour like this, allegedly. There’s a YouTube video that shows you the 10 spots he can be in and the optional routes to run. I’ll look for it again


this sounds like an absolutely joyless game


again you can just ignore this part and lose nothing

it is an excellent game


I’ve ignored all the other stuff and can confirm this.

However, the extra content seems well considered to me. They know a sizable portion of their audience doesn’t want to play competitively, so they’ve added these other features for their benefit. From everything I’ve heard, the extra game modes are super chill and low-stakes enough to serves as a way to blow off steam for the competitive people and also add an additional layer of engagement for the casuals.

Maybe I’m a rube but both the Krypt and the AI tower thing seem original/innovative to me because no other game has them? I was playing Candybox the other day and thinking to myself that a developer should absolutely implement this concept into a AAA title, so I’m really excited to see where it goes from here. Best believe Capcom is taking notes for their next SF game!

Also, Candybox is great for anyone who hasn’t played it yet



yeah, it’s just that all the discourse naturally assumes the perspective of someone who has the impulse control of the blue mage boss from final fantasy v, so if you make the best game ever and then you put “EAT SHIT - 7% COMPLETE” on the main menu then people are still going to be compelled by it


those people are the ones who buy aaa games, and they’ll be mad if they don’t have thousands of hours of boring chores to do


well yeah but either it’s an ignorable contrivance or it’s not and I feel compelled to defend my favourite fighting game against accusations of joylessness


I’ve watched several videos but I can’t get the Shinnock’s amulet glitch to work in the Kytinn Hive. Any pointers? Is it like really finicky or should it work pretty easily?


Keep in mind that you have to exit to the main menu once you found Reptile at one of the locations to reset him. I’m doing this right now and it certainly works but I don’t know yet if it’s really 3000 souls/hour


Yeah, just to be clear, I’m pretty much at fault for sucking the enjoyment out of this game by diving hard into this aspect of it. I had a hell of a time playing the story mode and all that.

I just…I gotta catch 'em all, y’know?

And to their credit - at least this is just cosmetic stuff, and they didn’t lock an ability behind this grind. I got pretty lucky to get that Catwoman skill that made her viable in Injustice 2 early on, but some folks never did, even after hundreds of hours.


everything about the making of this game sounds wildly unhealthy


sounds like someone owes joe lieberman an apology

anyway as we discussed earlier itt I do think there has been a very positive shift from like, Saw-type exploitative violence in the past couple of releases to more Final Destination-type camp in this one and I would be sad if that got lost in the discourse around crunch and trauma


Combined with all the other stories coming out of the studio, I’m trying to imagine spending 80 hours a week watching snuff films as a temp, huddled in a cramped room, fine tuning a fatality, as some dude pisses with the door open a few feet away.

I doubt they’d ever risk burning that bridge, but seeing as Giant Bomb has Ed Boon on their E3 show nearly every year, it’d be nice if they sort of, uh, took him to task on this.


yeah I mean definitely hold their feet to the fire over the labour stuff and rousey, it just bums me out a little that the discourse is increasingly tilting it toward being remembered as Problematic to the point where praising it seems like poor taste, because so much of MORTAL KOMBAT 11 is unusually sensible and decent and good-natured and I don’t trust that message to get across separate from the rest.


I mean, the Krypt has been in MK games for going on 15 years at this point, so I doubt Capcom will notice.


what truly is the quantitative difference between exploitative hyperviolence and camp hyperviolence? length of the murder cutscenes?