FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


Same about the music. It’s rather unremarkable. And the theme is nowhere in the game, which is a shame. If they’d at least release the remix on YouTube or wherever so I could put it on while I’m playing…


I still can’t quite believe a new Mortal Kombat entry has generated this many posts


test your might




With the Kronika boss fight and some of the tower challenges seemingly proving that the game is capable of 4 different characters loaded in at once like MK9 did I’m excited for what this could mean Shang Tsung is made a real character. In the previous 3d titles he’s only been able to morph into his current opponent but maybe now they could make each playable character a separate equipable skill for him if they limit you to only being able to pick one.


The good news about “the grind” is that if you have time to put AI Noob or Sonya through some of the towers, getting coins is absolutely trivial now. You can get a few hundred thousand pretty easily.

But! Souls and hearts are still pretty stingy, and to progress further in the Krypt I think you need to unlock one particular soul container that costs 10000 souls (you get about 10 per match now, so, you know, 1000 fights, sure why not).

Then! You need 1500 souls after that to craft the item you need to open the door.

That’s not to mention the hidden rooms that only open after you perform fatalities/brutalities on each character 50 times.

I hate to say it, but most of my time so far has been spent running the AI. I just…just gotta make my characters look nice :frowning:

I gotta say, for a character I haven’t tried yet, they really went all out with Cetrion’s gear. She probably had the most unique and varied looks of anyone in the game.


I heard that souls are now the bottleneck but I didn’t know it was that bad!

I managed to get to the Liu Kang heart chest in the Krypt and I think I’m done with it for a while now. Because even though I want more skins I haven’t gotten a single one for him otherwise there. And I made sure to open only the right chests that do give skins, the ones that cost from 10,000-15,000 Koins. I burnt through all the currency I earned through playing + the apology gift. And no luck. It’s… quite deplorable, that mode/“progression”. (Can you still call it progression if it’s mostly luck based?)

I spent a lot of time online and lost most of my matches. Also played kasual in addition to ranked today. I’m pretty disheartened right now but I’ll watch back my tapes and come back stronger.


At a certain point it’s absolutely the bottleneck, yeah.

Right now I’m pretty sure I’ve opened every chest I have access to. There are the chests you can see with Kenshi’s blindfold, but it costs souls to use (at an alarming rate, too!). You can get quite a few by hitting Reptile when he shows up, but beyond his initial appearance I’ve never found him since.

I dunno! Obviously they designed this thing in hopes people would play it for years on end, rather than obsessively try to collect everything at once (you can’t even get some of the best gear with the actual, paid currency). Between the tower difficulty and the meager payouts, though, I dunno. Feels like a pretty big miscommunication or oversight went down.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll get the time to go through the whole tutorial and actually, y’know, learn to play the game, rather than have the AI do it for me.

Minus the unlock grind, the core game is very good!


Anyway, probably worth mentioning that as good as MK11 is, it was probably (absolutely) made under some pretty heinous conditions.


Use of contractors like that is sadly extremely widespread. Big studios add 50-100% more people while deep in production, so that’s usually when they hire young and new people for temporary contracts. People get full time if they slip through this period and heads open up (full-timers leaving), else they have to bounce to another temo job near the end of another project.

We need a union system just like the film industry, and it needs to help with these production swings.


In other news:


Those look good on in-game Chun-li. I saw a Variety article the other day about how Capcom’s opened a division in Los Angeles called Capcom Media
Ventures dedicated to managing their e-sports and licensing deals. SF’s content plans for this year have sounded either very light or very hush, so they aren’t at least abandoning it outright, unless they have something else to push into e-sports with.


lovin’ it, i wonder how the additional “weekly fights” will work, if they will all be mirror matches, curated 1v1, or just adding new selectable fighters

where is the multiplayer? listen up: get it patched in time for evo side tourney


Been consistent about playing MK11 so far and it’s still a blast. I’m a bit frustrated with Liu Kang right now and I need to familiarize myself with all the characters anyway, so I decided to give Scorpion a spin today. Just got done in the tutorial and practice mode and now I’ll take him online. He seems real breezy to play and he’s probably in the topmost tier of fighters, which you can’t say about Liu Kang, I don’t think. I’d still put him high up, but a tier below Scorpion.

Not that concepts like “tiers” matter to me at all right now, as I’m still a scrub, so it’s not like I’m maxing out any characters to their utmost abilities.

I wonder if I got kicked into some sort of disconnecter’s bucket online because every time I win a match in ranked I get disconnected on, and you need three matches to score. There’s no way I can add wins to my stats anymore, not like this. When people disconnect it just doesn’t count as either a win or a loss. So all I can get done are matches where I’m seriously outmatched. Those guys don’t quit on me because they can use me for a quick win. So, I feel like the game only matches me with quitters anymore? It does say that disconnecting after accepting an opponent will count against you somehow, so I assume it lumps all the disconnecters into a group. The thing is I don’t think it was ever my fault the connection went down but maybe the game doesn’t discern between who disconnected, just that the connection went down? idk It pretty much just sucks. Wish I could play at an arcade with people or just had friends to play with in person


Are you on PC? I have the same issue and I saw in the update notes they are aware of a glitch where the match can disconnect on the “finish him” screen. This only seems to happen to me when I win, not when I lose, so I’ve never been able to tell if I’m actually glitched or just unlucky. The few times it hasn’t glitched when I win are matches where my opponent doesn’t choose to re-match.


yeah Scorpion is great and also fairly easy to play like Kung Lao. I think his skill ceiling might be slightly higher (I think everyone’s is lol) but I’ll rotate to him in a heartbeat


Yeah, on PC. You know what, I could imagine it being a bug. One that they introduced with the last patch, even, because I don’t think I was able to finish any of the sets that I started out winning a match in since then! But like, why is it only happening to me and not my opponents when they win? It’s so weird

I don’t get why people don’t rematch if they don’t win the first match. I get instant gratification and all but seriously, it should go without saying that losing and learning from your mistakes is part of the fighting game experience. When I played kasual I got matched with a Sub Zero that kicked my ass so hard, it was amazing. I rematched him at least six or seven times, I’m sure. All straight up losses, but those were good times, I learned a lot


Yeah it’s gotta be a bug. I just tried it out again and sure enough the connection desyncs as soon as I get the finish him/her

the fuck am I going to do until they fix this lol


Wow, I had no idea what the kyrpt was and why people were talking about it but it’s kinda brilliant and I love it.

What if this is some sort of amazing demo/proof of concept for a Dark Souls-style MK Mythologies reboot? Who wouldn’t play MK Souls?!?!


Scorpion has a move called Dark Soul! Scorpion Mythologies confirmed

I went from thinking the krypt is horse shit to kind of loving it… They did some cool things with it, I have to admit. I do like uncovering secrets. The atmosphere is cool too