FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!



Those look great! Thanks for teaching me how to kombat, I’m gonna need it

Btw I have not yet mustered the courage to play this game in front of my girlfriend. I don’t know how she’ll take it. I play after midnight when she’s asleep in the other room, such is my shame


Just saw a video with a Quitality in it. That’s just great lol (I now know it’s been in MKX but it’s the first time I’ve heard of it)


They must have nerfed Liu Kang just now. The combo I uploaded to Steam used to do 325 dmg and now it does 275… I also received the apology currency gift so some update was certainly pushed through on PC. This changes quite a bit!

EDIT: the twice amplified bicyle kick also now knocks down opponents and I feel like it left them standing before?? Leaving an opponent standing at the end of a combo is great because it takes away their wakeup options. But maybe I’m imagining things?


PC didn’t have the Day 1 patch, which included balance changes. So you were actually playing a pre-release version all along! Sucks, I know. You can find the balance changes that were included here: https://testyourmight.com/threads/mortal-kombat-11-patch-notes.69188/. But not only did PC just get patched today for the Day 1 patch content, but also all the patches and hotfixes since then. So now PC is on par with the PS4, from what I understand! So that includes the Tower of Time difficulty adjustments and economy changes. We’ve also gotten the apology currency gift so make sure to accept that by the deadline. I think it might be in your player card on the main menu (it’s one of the shoulder buttons- there’s a command for it at the bottom left of the screen on the main menu.) I remember collecting some rewards there for completing stuff while offline before.

The Community Gift has been distributed via the above update for PC players that has 500,000 Koins, 1,000 Souls, 1,000 Time Crystals, 500 Hearts, as a thank you. Please make sure you log in and claim your Community Gift by May 6, 2019, at 8 am CST/6 am PST.




ignores all this whack mk shit

Nope, it’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition

it is real fuckin’ dumb that they didn’t back up the cash truck and hire the resurgent Natsume team of Toshiyasu Miyabe, Shunichi Taniguchi, Kunio Suzuki & Hiroyuki Iwatsuki to make them a new Power Rangers game instead


i think i like unist…
the tutorial is best of all fightmans ive played thus far, mostly because it actually teaches you basic fighting game stuff


I klaimed it. I should have looked at the patch notes the first time you linked them! Forgot all about it.

Online I am only playing ranked. At first I got match ups that varied wildly. Because it couldn’t guess my skill of course. It’s funny how my matches have changed now that it knows I suck. I have never seen so much rage quitting in my life. Like every other match is cut short. The opponents all have middling performance, so, bad PCs. I see a lot of Kung Lao players, no offense, he’s a good character. Half the people don’t know how to deal with projectiles at all. I mean, really no clue whatsoever. I won one round with a brutality because I did nothing but upper cuts. One player beat me because he did the same low attacks over and over again and I didn’t know yet how to punish them. I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel but at least it’s got my win ratio up to almost 50/50. I hope I’ll get to play better players eventually, who don’t rage quit. Because depending on the circumstances those don’t count as a win for me. It’s a liiittle bit frustrating to say the least

You can win skins through AI battles, so I’m doing those 5 times a day like a good boy. I feel a bit used by NRS for that

I’m recording my matches and I hope I can learn from that. Not the AI ones, I mean. I wrote myself a game plan based on my time with Liu in the lab, after I did what Sajam said in his video on learning characters. Also found some vids about learning Liu Kang and will link those later for anyone that’s interested. I’m aiming at 3 hours a day for practice so I can maybe win a round at the tournament. I’m smiling all the way while playing, I’m having a lot of fun. It’s a good game, this

So, sorry, I’ll post more MK whack shit


well as ever here’s the review I agree with


Man that MK11 story mode was really good.

One of my chief complaints with NRS’ story modes, despite their production values, has been that they lack a strong central through-line since it’s constantly jumping between which character you’re playing for each chapter. It never feels like there’s a strong central arc to follow or develop over the course of the story and it all just feels like a bunch of events that just happen one after the other. This happens and then this happens and that that happened- but little personal or emotional investment in the characters or stakes.

MK11 still doesn’t have that strong focal set of characters or central through-line (Raiden would probably have been the best for this) but it does give each chapter some emotional investment and personal stakes into the events of that chapter. Rather than them just being Character X and Y go to Location Z to find the macguffin, the paired characters and the people they fight have some meaning for each other and ultimately make a meaningful change in a relationship by the end, whether it’s Johnny confronting how awful of a person he used to be or Jade seeing how brutal her Khotal Khan has become over the years and trying to bring/beat some sense back into him. The conceit of old characters meeting their younger selves sets up a lot of situations for having characters think about who they were or who they become and I’m glad MK11 managed to not miss hitting the ball on that.

Man, that’s awesome BBP! Re-watching your old footage is good and it sounds you’re already cognizant of problems you’ve run into in a match, so that’s good. After you run into an issue like not being able to deal with someone spamming a specific low attack, that’s when you hit up practice mode, set the AI to do that thing, and then figure out how to beat it. You might not be able to immediately replicate the solution the next time you run into it in an actual match but you’ll know what you need to do and build that muscle memory and instinct as you try to do the right thing, instead of just fumbling with no idea what to do like before.

MK11’s tutorial is actually not bad but UNIST is definitely king overall. There’s a lot of really smart stuff in both the tutorial and the combo missions. If you want to play online sometime let me know! I have it on both PS4 and PC and I think we live roughly in the same region so hopefully the connection won’t be too bad.

Let me know how that story mode is! I heard it’s coming out soon. I’ve been waiting for the PC release to pick this up.


so like, what is the quick answer to this: what do you need in-game currencies for? just extras, or to unlock characters, as well?


Just to open loot chests in the Krypt. If all you want to do is play matches, you don’t need to worry about it at all. You can ignore the currencies.

The only unlockable character is Frost, who you unlock after beating a few chapters of the story mode. And Shao Khan was a pre-order bonus, so you probably have to pay for him now.

There are three currencies and rarer Krypt chests require rarer currencies. This stuff will contain skins, customization parts, gallery art, and “augment” and “consumable” items for the Towers of Time (arcade mode with gimmick effects) and AI battle modes.

Aside from that you can get the loot as random drop rewards from winning matches too. If you want to customize the way your character looks or get extra stuff to power you up in the Towers of Time then the currencies have a use. You also get loot rewards for completing towers in the Towers of Time mode.


ah ok, thanks! that sounds not bad at all, then. i like skins/costumes etc., but i was afraid the characters would be hidden behind the “grind.” i nearly lost my damn mind with SBU, and did not want a repeat of that sensation.


the unlocks are exclusively cosmetic (and bonuses used for the grind mode but you can skip that whole ouroboros in the first place), there are an enormous number of them, and if you just stick to the story, the tutorial, and regular matchups on and offline, it’s excellent. like if you had any affection for this property at its best and you haven’t played modern fighting games all that attentively but you’re willing, you’ll have a blast.


i have definitely kept up with fighting games, but i haven’t touched a Mortal Kombat game since…god, maybe the Gamecube days? i don’t even know which one that would have been. they had weapons; it wasn’t very good?

but yeah, this looks like an impressive return to form, from what i’ve seen.


this is the third one since they rebooted it and by all accounts it’s the first one where they really got the tone right and slowed the pace slightly and brought back pretty much all the 90s characters as they were. it’s immensely appealing


I’d say the return to form really was Mortal Kombat 9. It may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but it was both good as a mass market seller and a competitive fighting game. I’ve always wondered what exactly changed at NRS to cause such a humongous leap in the quality of their output but I don’t think I’ve ever read an explanation on that. Aside from being bought by Warner Bros, but I don’t know how much that changed the core team of that studio.

NRS’ games have only improved since then while constantly experimenting with new fighting game mechanics, adding extra game modes for casual play, and increasing production values. While WB’s funding probably gives them more resources to try new things rather than just iterate like most fighters, the mass market million seller goal for WB Games would also incentivize playing it more safe than they have. NRS deserves a ton of credit for always going out on a limb and making the sequels play much differently than their predecessors while still retaining a gradual sense of improvement. It’s really impressive how they haven’t managed to fumble much up until this loot grind pacing issue in MK11.

But MK11 is probably the most accessible game yet because of it’s de-emphasis on rushdown and mix-ups (which is very anime-fighter like and very oppressive) to a more neutral and movement-and-footsies focused pace. It’s a much more approachable style of game since you feel like you have more time and room to breathe, even when you actually don’t (and probably a big part of why Street Fighter is so popular). MK11 strikes a great balance of appealing to people who have liked NRS games and also to people who want something “slower” and more Steet Fighter-like.

It just seems really, really good. I would recommending anyone to try it out.


they didn’t get the song for the MK9 release trailer tho


It’s a travesty it wasn’t used as the final boss theme of the story mode. In fact when I played there was no music at all, just sound effects of nature. It was a very interesting vibe- sort of like the elyssean field you encounter at the end of Phantasy Star Online before it transforms for the Dark Falz battle- but looking at videos on YouTube I guess that was just a glitch and it should have had some music all along.

MK’s got some distinct sounds I remember from the old games’ music and musical cues but the music has rarely ever stood out to me overall. It could use a better sound track.