FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


With Y/triangle when you’re looking at them in the move list. I don’t know if that works outside of the training mode

I pin moves in the order I have to use them in combos. You can make a list of 10 moves that way


it works in every single player mode except boss towers and honestly the best way to learn mk combos is through sheer memorization in training mode

please bring back mk9 ermac with his ridiculous juggle combos that could combo out 50% of someone’s life bar this is not my active bias because he literally looks and sounds like my favorite dungeons and dragons character but it helps


kotal kahn is reeally fun to play as which is crazy because he was my least favorite character in mkx which i didnt even like


Isn’t it that way for every fighting game?

I can do the combo I’ve been memorizing pretty well in training, like 10 times in a row without messing up. And when I am in a match I can’t do it once. I always drop some part of it. That’s normal I think. It takes a lot of practice…


practice more against your bqd friends, thats what i do. i don’t need someone to be good if i’m practicing a fighting game, but they need to respond well enough to make me thing about where and when a combo would work



Okay, no one told me that the Krypt wasn’t actually a game. Now I see what the fuss is about. This is how you unlock stuff in the game?? Terrible. Absolutely terrible. I’ll never get the skins I want, this is a crime, gamer outrage, etc.


They dished out the free fun money on PS4, with I guess the rest of the systems/PC getting it soon. There’s a pop up for it, but you gotta check your notifications under the Kombat Kard (uggfh) tab.

Folks are saying Dragon Challenges now give out 1000 coins per, Fatalities grant 3 hearts and Brutalities 5, with more if you do a Mercy. Also you apparently get way more coins just playing the game, and smashing stuff in the Krypt now gives at least 5-10 coins versus one or two.

So…it seems better. Still a huge grind, but better.

Also I already blew all my fun money :frowning: A few hundred hearts doesn’t go far!

Oh also I found out that to get AI Defense rewards you gotta look at your battle log in that menu to sync them. I think it was the same in Injustice 2, but it’s been a while.


Still crazy. Fatalities should give you at least 10 hearts if chests cost 250 a piece. That’s would still be 25 wins for one chest! I mean sure if they mean for people to only unlock everything once MK11 is done and 12 comes out this seems reasonable but that in itself isn’t reasonable… I would really really like a way to just be able to get the things for the character I’m actually playing


Oh wait the “we’re sorry for making this economy so fucked” apology gift expires May 6th if you don’t claim it by then. That’s…hmm!




If they believe they’ve leveled the progression curve, they probably designed the gift to credit the difference in the first week of play. Knowing only my own circumstances, I’d guess it’s not feasible to limit the gift award to only those accounts active during launch week without more engineering time, so they made a small time window to try to only catch launch week players.


noob saibot is too much fun


Yeah, that makes sense. The Nintendo Ambassador approach.

Wondering if the changes to enemy AI will change for the AI teams, too. Awful lotta Noob/Kabal/Sonya/Baraka teams out there.

That said, though, Noob and Sonya are very good at running towers for you while you poke around online or something.


Kung Lao is a very good beginner character, I just fought a couple people online who could juggle the shit out of me and still managed to beat them half the time with my extremely hesitant playstyle

his skill ceiling isn’t too high and his combos are all pretty intuitive

otherwise I am OKish with Jacqui, Kollector, Scorpion, and Noob.


Remember that the Heart chests are some of the few that actually have fixed rewards so if you only want stuff for a specific character then look up those.


I will do that, thanks. I held off on opening any heart chests so I still got ma hearts

After some online ranked games I can see the error of my ways and that Drem was right in saying you need to have a string planned for pretty much every attack you go on. I attempt way too many single hits and don’t have follow ups. Also, blocking is way less useful in this game than any other fighting game I’ve played. I don’t quite know why that is/why I feel that way. Maybe I’m just not fast enough with going from blocking to offense.

I also don’t know the right distance for the attacks just yet. Often times I block, get pushed back, attack and whiff. Now this might have to do with Liu Kang because in MKX he was known as the whiff master because his attacks were so stubby. Maybe it’s the same in this game? You have to be really close to hit…


I googled the MKX Krypt and realized I don’t think I ever actually opened this mode. This is really neat! I can see now that the MK11 krypt is an extension of this, transition it from a first person dungeon crawler to a third person adventure game. It still seems like a ton of work for what’s essentially a loot box opening menu but maybe this is just the continued legacy of MK’s wacky mini games and side modes.


Just generally throwing these out, but Sajam has been releasing some good videos on on general system tutorials (especially helpful for people transitioning from other 2D fighters) and another playlist showing how he goes about learning characters. In particular check out the video on “Strings & Hit Confirms”

UltraDavid’s also been putting up some good videos titled MK11 For Dummies.


The Krypt has been around since the PS2 MKs, but this one randomizes it a lot which is…a weird decision.

Bring back Motor Kombat, you cowards.