FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


after feeling for years like liu kang was the goofiest mc and even netherreqlm seems to have agreee, its cool to see him as a great character finally


who do you think the us president is in mk11




I’m guessing you heard?



i think i gotta write an article about this damn game


it is truly remarkable that I cannot think of another context in which this gag wouldn’t make me wince or roll my eyes and they sail on through


This is the official site for the MK11 world tour and guess what, one of the stops is in Vienna! This is crazy, why would it come here? I have a mission, I must go. It’s in July. I only see a sign up for competitors but I just wanna watch

Are esports free to watch in person or do you buy tickets like with regular sports, someone tell me cause idk


steal a pass from a nerd, you know it’s the right thing to do


Yeah, I think the fatlities in 11 swing back to being shockingly goofy compared to some of the more gruesome ones in X.

I mean, Kabal’s fatality where he splits someone in half is detailed to the point of being a Netter anatomy illustration, but it doesn’t have quite the same uncomfortable brutality of Jax ripping a person’s head in half and stubbing his cigar on their esophagus.




Haha I knew someone would say that!

I admit, it would probably be kind of fun I guess





Even the bug lady has like, chitin heels.


OK I do have one structural complaint about the game which is that while playing through the klassic tower on hard is a great way to learn how to play a character after going through their tutorial if you’re as moderately OK at this as I am, fighting Kronika is not any fun at all, and they don’t even randomize the opponents depending on who you’re playing as?

so it turns out most of the single player modes other than the tutorial and story (which in addition to the online and the fundamentals are exceptional!) are bad


Kronika isn’t fun to fight at all. I’ve taken to just going through on very easy to see the endings. Between her moves that do something like 30% damage, her ability to stop most multi-hit moves, the assists…it’s a bad fight!

Then she’ll occasionally do that fatality as insult to injury.

Also I opened an 11,500 coin chest today for an augment, a fatality token and a banner. The Krypt is cruel.


yeah, like, she’s beatable, and a lot of the lesson of playing on higher difficulties is “keep pressure up at all costs” so the lessons of that fight aren’t entirely impossible to generalize, but it’s just trying to stunlock the AI in the narrowest way

just give me a random string of eight battles and maybe I fight shang tsung or shao kahn at the end, whatever

anyway they also don’t give you enough incentive to play as the evil characters in the story! so now I gotta go find out if I actually like the cowboy guy



I fucking signed up, alright?? That’s € 70 I can’t afford lol Now I’ll have to actually get decent at this game, what have I done

EDIT: this post sounds a bit off - I actually wanna go and I’m super excited! It’s gonna be fun


Cowboy guy is super cool. I thought about playing him. He’s super technical though in my opinion and so far removed from anything I’m used to in fighting games that I gave up pretty quickly. I think my options are Liu Kang, Scorpion and Cetrion. Those are the ones I like the most just judging from how they feel to play. But I haven’t played everyone just yet so that might still change

I uploaded a combo replay to the Steam Workshop! It’s the only Liu Kang one right now, so everyone check it out. It’s a combo I stole from someone and nothing special but that was fun to do


Surprised at how much I enjoy playing as Jacqui over Cassie this time around. So many of her moves can combo into the clinch, and if your time is right you can even juggle a little off one of the follow ups.

I miss Cassie’s kick combos, though. I guess Sonya got all of those.

I let her AI go wild in an Endless Tower, so between the rainbow jacket emblem for using her a bunch and this evil Raiden icon I got in the Krypt I’m dubbing my banner “Gay Praiden.”

Oh also I got one of the “pervert mustache” Kano skins, so while my unlocks haven’t been the best, I’m happy for now.


yeah Jacqui is a lot of fun, she’s on the list of fiveish people I’ll rotate to when I’m messing around

it’s so hard to play online when you can’t pause and look up the moves though lol

turns out I can be made to enjoy a really technical fighting game but I can’t make any of the complicated inputs actually stick in my head

remind me how I pin them to the UI?