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I thought the same thing! It’s absolutely stunning. I love how many leaves are in the air. They didn’t go for subtle at all with that one and yet it’s sublime


bottom line:

Mortal Kombat 11 is Mortal Kombat II: The Official Game of the Movie: Days of Future Past



All those cutscenes sorta make me wish they’d take another stab at doing an action-adventure game.


really om board with how netherrealm manages to absolutely kill characterization and i wish theyd just killed rpusey and had a different va for young sonya


yeah she is bad in like 3/4 of the scenes she’s in and she doesn’t really nail the 90’s sonya “princess diana by way of tonya harding” vibe either




That little Iceman slide SubZero did really sold me, let’s get this motherfucker another game!


the young johnny cage scenes reminded me a lot of saints row in a good way and apparently netherrealm is in chicago, I wonder if they have any ex-volition people since it’s relatively nearby


Johnny Cage x Johnny Gat, a crossover for the ages.



I now agree that Rousey is bad at delivering her lines. She’s the only weak link though so far. Good performances otherwise. And the animation is top tier. You can see every facial muscle move and I loved seeing one of the character’s hands tremor when they were, well, shaken


I’m kind of surprised how many seem to find the facial animations completely off-putting. Maybe it’s uncanny valley thing for some?


Really? That’s strange to hear! But yeah, maybe I’m easily fooled and other people are better at reading faces and thus find it squarely in the uncanny valley…


You don’t just make The Krypt a 3D adventure game for no reason. They’re also over due to do something new so I expect we’ll see something new next.

I don’t know how much more Astro would actually want to comment after the hmmm, or maybe I could generalize the question a bit. But I’m curious what’s a more likely flow of development: a studio turning the gallery mode into a fleshed out 3D adventure to practice with 3D action adventure mechanics for a future larger project, or the studio already working on a 3D action adventure project and using some of that work in their current game because they can and thought it would be cool.


I don’t know how different the Krypt is from the one in X, but my starting assumption is that reusing it barely saves you any money to try to reuse. Work put to reclaiming things at a studio like this, at this budget level, is usually better spent on new assets and implementations.

Now, if this new Krypt has a fully up-to-par character that jumps and climbs and blends (oh god modern animation blend systems are the worst) and they fight and the camera is rational, then you’re looking at 8-12 months development saved if you’ve got those pieces and have had a small team of leads designing the rest for a year or so.


I think the secret to beating Kronika is finding a good two hit combo and just constantly applying pressure. She tends to block or nullify any multi-hit attacks (like Liu Kang’s bicycle kick), but if you can sorta stun lock her with a good one-two she can’t do much in return.

Unlocked some stuff for Kano and gave him a try. He’s still pretty fun to use. Haven’t gotten used to the slight changes they’ve made to Jax just yet.


it really is just immensely likable schlock. all of the “ten year olds would love this shit” with none of the suffocating marketing expectations.

and the brash gross hyperviolent fighting game series has surprisingly or not become the one with the most diverse cast that’s the least overexposed and the least canon-obsessed and the least oversexed. good for them! as silly as the concept of “mortal kombat 11” is, it really makes it that much easier to like. 11 is such a silly number that even while I know that there are people who have been counting all along, it almost seems more like they just picked it arbitrarily as a gag.


big expensive mass market productions are really funny this way because like

while I don’t really believe in auteurism in thousand-person commercial productions, I’m actually pretty certain that the reason that the reason that this game is so tonally unembarrassing is because Ed Boon is a decent guy who has enough money and respect to do what he wants at this point? like, I don’t believe in overattributing artistic credit, but when it comes down to having your head on straight and keeping a steady hand, I think it’s almost a given.


okay i will say it is completely whack that netherrealm has said alternate loadouts will be banned for tournaments and that the gsme has tournament loadouts IN IT but they are NOT any of the loadouts characters start with


I think Ed’s the tree that bends in the wind. Mortal Kombat has been a bunch of stuff and it’s only picked up this fighting game respectability in the last couple versions, so I think there’s a hire or two working at a higher fighting game level. Back in the mid-00s it was trashy as all get out. But it was Mortal Kombat, and it was immersed in American comics culture at a similar level of reflection.


committing to bending is still better than so many others. but yes, 2019 flatters in it a way that wasn’t necessarily easy to see coming but for which I’m grateful.