FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


is the postprocessing on the pre fight animations fucking up the beards for anyone else

Scorpion and sub zero look airbrushed


I also think it’s sweet how much of the time travel plot involves all the protagonists’ future selves having been Hardened and needing to learn to love again from the 1994 cast


You can just treat the Towers of Time like the mobile game auto-battler it’s designed as and just have an AI fighter do the fights for you while you watch TV, just like a real mobile game. I used this Noob Saibot AI setup and it works very well. The only catches are that it doesn’t generate as many points so you miss out on some potential bonus rewards (who cares) and you have to select “kontinue” after every match, but some turbo controllers (or scripting if you’re on PC) can solve that.

NRS gimmick matches have never been fun though. The fact that the gimmicks hit you no matter what animation state you’re in and can knock you out of things like command throws and attack animations, even if you successfully landed the attack, is not interesting. It’s just annoying. It was like these in previous games and I ignored those modes then too.


I haven’t really seen beards yet so I can’t say

The tutorial is super deep and I’m probably going to have to go through it many more times to “get” everything. There’s just so much stuff and some things are different enough that they will mess me up in regular play. Like the wakeups/getups. You don’t push buttons to get up faster like in other games, you even have a button to get up slower. And some getups cost meter. I’m not used to that at all. Just remembering all the things that cost what kind of meter (attack or defense or both) is a challenge. It’s going to take a while until all of what I’ve learned has really sunk in.

I spent probably 3-4 hours on the tutorials. Towards the end I was just skipping the text boxes left and right because I couldn’t absorb anymore and just wanted to get the “Koins”. There were however three things I could not do, so I’m not getting the Shao Khan announcer voice just yet.


this is the first time I’ve ever looked forward to evo

I had no idea I had this within me all along


I could just look this up but do the numbers you’re using refer to XYAB in sequential order?


That should be the case because that’s how the MK kommunity refers to things. 1 = X = front punch, up to 4 = B = back kick


I’m watching like almost every leg of the Tekken world tour (2019’s just begun with a tournament in France and it was great). I also never knew I had it in me. Can’t wait for MK11


they really dropped the ball by not having david hayter voice sub zero


playing sf v for the first time in… two years? this game is weird. cool to see uniqlo ads every two minutes


seriously the buddy pairings are so good. Both Liu Kang : Kung Lao and Sub Zero : Scorpion have their own “meanwhile, they put their plan into action” shtick going on


honestly it is great to see the original mortal kombat cast not getting egregiously fuckdd over so raiden can be a bad guy


holy fuck i cant believe the krypt

a) has shang shung voiced by the guy from the movie
b) straight up just has goros dining hall exactly as it appeared in that same movie


The story mode is excellent so far! I love the buddy movie of Liu Kang/Kung Lao. The latter might be my favorite character personality wise so far. I love his style and delinquency. Haven’t played him though. I feel like Liu Kang might be my man. Mashing feels super great with him and I was able to intuit a lot of moves without looking at the list. Most fun to play with so far.

Oh and Sub Zero’s beard was all fucked up during the prefight scene for me as well.


I think the best Sub-Zero/Scorpion bit is when they just go to town on that poor cyber Lin Kuei standing guard at the entrance to the factory. They have such a good dynamic together.

Tried out Shao Kahn (after finally getting my code) and they made him really fun to use. Didn’t think I’d wind up playing him, but I just might. Otherwise I still really like using Johnny Cage.

Probably gonna beat the Novice tower on Very Easy for everyone to see their endings, because Kronika is a way more frustrating fight than Shinnok ever was in MKX.

Also I wanna find whoever put “Easy Fatality Tokens” into these Krypt chests and give them a wedgie. What an awful thing to waste coins on.


yeah that part is totally hilarious


Has anyone seen this Johnny taunt in the game? Footage from pre-release but I guess they deemed it far too vulgar and now he’s almost silent during it.


Idk if it’s the video quality, but that taunt just looks like an unreadable mess. Also, if there was no audio I’d have no idea it was even a taunt


One thing I forgot to say is that I think the Shirai Ryu Fire Garden stage is maybe the closest a 3D stage in a fighting game has captured what SNK did with pixel art in their backgrounds.


So during the fights the Switch version looks acceptable enough for using the seemingly the same HD assets but Krypt is pretty hilarious in how hard they had to scale back:

(start from 21:56 for a good example)