FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


hahahahah this looks like mvci


i would definitely play this but man does it look ugly and flaccidly animated. and i can barely tell the characters apart!


chroma squad is the best power rangers game


I thought it looked pretty solid for a low budget $20 game. It’s definitely based on MvC3, which is why they got several marvel 3 players on staff. This already looks way better than it did at reveal, so the devs are clearly improving it based on feedback.

I heard the comic it’s based in is actually solid. Anyone here read it?


(turn on subtitle)

i love 3s

put 3s urien in smash ultimate


Shinkiro’s key art for the arcade release of sfv looks cool.


Sakura’s design is the best.

Shinkiro forgot to draw Kage so his face just got stuck in a corner like the face from The Excercist.


Love this Sakura costume so much


geese travers


The new Granblue VS character is a mess and I like it


It’s cool how Battle Fantasia is finally getting a sequel.


Is it true that ArcSys heads forced the director of Battle Fantasia to make it more combo heavy and then ArcSys fans harrassed her out of the company because they didn’t like the game? I know I’ve read that but never knew if it was true. I know that at least she’s said in interviews that working in Japan as a woman sucks.



Why would they show off that she has a portable Aegis Reflector device and then only use it as a fancy launcher?

@1:12 in the trailer, looks like that “realities melding together” gimmick for stages is coming back from MK vs DC only now with alternate timelines (Kotal Kahn vs Shao Kahn’s arena)


Is it really an aegis reflector if it reflects your own projectiles? :thinking:


official chaka khan reveal trailer


wait, what the hell is Kotal’s little short hop there @1:01?


Short hop is a new universal mechanic. I think that punch that causes a hard knockdown is your only option out of it?


Is there a like a TV tropes page of villains with a Dr Claw voice?

Noob-Smoke lives again??? I like these fatalities a lot that don’t just end with close up of your opponent’s mangled corpse but also has your character doing a pose in there as well.

That’s Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa reprising his role from the original MK movie! Not sure if he’s actually playable though or just some guide for your CaW’s mini quest mode?


I read Shang Tsung is the first DLC character