FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


Hey, they’ve been on the main stage before!


I appreciate 3D games that implement 2D inspired aesthetic choices without actually trying to look 2D. Xrd and DBFZ look gorgeous but I really appreciate games like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel 3 for trying very hard to look like how a comic book would in 3D


the main part about SF4 aesthetic that ruined it for me was the ridiculous facial expressions, glad they ditched that part




SamSho does kinda look like the good version of SF4 that had the courage to go in on the heavy contrast ink shading and embrace the art style. It does look kinda dated but at least its a bit more invested in its style.


IMO the entirety of SF4 should have looked like the Ultra characters’ “sketchy ink” costumes


(i really like how these look)


I’m going to play the hell out of samurai shodown and I’m going to main ukyo tachibana.

I basically think the way street fighter iv is animated and textured and lit is just really gross tbh.


The samurai shodown logo is very bad!!


Once Heart comes out for bbtag arcana heart will finally get a bump and your can expect the new six starts update at Evo 2020


the oh shit faces were the best part of SF4

i am disappointed by the combo counter + cinematic supers in samsho trailer #2


NRS just fully embracing the absurdity of Johnny Cage being one of the main protagonists and making him completely over the top is wonderful.


Both SFIV’s lead animator and battle designer are at SNK now so it’s not surprising!


big reveal - scorpion will be in mortal kombat 16


UNIST on the main stage is exciting, but I honestly would rather watch Xrd. It is going to be hype, though. It’ll be fun to have more Japanese players make the trip, too.

Samurai Showdown does look visually appealing although I didn’t get much sense of the game from the trailer. Bodes well for KOF XV in 2020 though.


Guilty Gear X
Guilty Gear 2
Guilty Gear Xrd

And now… Guilty Gear 4X! A successor to Guilty Gear 2 that eXpands to greater scale. A full on 4X game layered on top of the action-strategy battles, like a Total War game.


they’re just crazy enough to do it


It’s really not far off from GG2


Johnny Cage looks like a super embarrassing dad now and I don’t necessarily love it but I do respect it. His moves look super satisfying though. I want to play as him



justin wong embarrassing himself going into full sales mode for this power rangers game. might be cool tho