FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


man i might enjoy SFV more if the inputs didn’t all feel like mush

how did they make Cody worse!! i feel ilke Mayor Cody is lacking like 50% of his personality of his moveset. no weird slidey crouch MK, no crack kick, mk ruffian is worse, zonk knuckle seems worse? at least the pipe is cool


that weird KOF knock off fireball >:(


don’t play SFV it makes me really sad


No please keep playing it because I love watching people learn to hate that game.


Playing SFV, watching other people play it, hearing about other people playing it, seeing it, all makes me very sad. It’s such a viscerally bad game


Some of the costumes are good tho


DBFZ curse is lifted and also Melee is gone



seems like a good time for melee to go tbh, time for it to ride into the distance on a large horse labeled “side tourney”


Samurai Shodown is this year??


happy that snk can get a game in without even having a release date. top player privilege


I’m sad about no Xrd but last year was a pretty good send off since the game hasn’t seen an update in an increasingly growing hotter minute. Here’s hoping Daisuke and Team Red are doing fine and ready to blow our socks off. (Half hoping its a follow up to GG2 no lie)


daigo plz play samsho


hold on i am actually extremely bummed about no KOF XIV, wtf!! has that game ever not been hype?


It just doesn’t have the tournament numbers. UNIST has been making a steady rise since BBTAG gave its characters more exposure and consistent pushes by the UNIST community so they’s managed to claw their way in after several years. SamSho feels like EVO throwing SNK a bone, because I don’t know that SNK has the marketing money to fund their way in like Tekken 7 did with their arcade machines. DOA6 has it the worst, as it’s brand new but didn’t get in.

Last year EVO did well with streaming top 4s of side tournaments so maybe KOF can appear there.


BBxTB and SC6 taking the front stage over Xrd is criminal, even if Xrd hasn’t had an update in forever


Merkava is in two of these games. That means alot to me.

Let my noodle arm boy eat.


UNIST is hype and I’m really excited that a French Bread game is mainstage at Evo


New SamSho trailer. Everybody please pray for these poor health bars


is it just me or this is extremely SF4/SF5 aesthetic


It absolutely looks like SF4 and I love it. SF4’s visual design is underrated and would have looked amazing with some tweaking. I’m super fucking hype for the new SamSho, regardless