FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!



I’ve been using a fighting commander while I save up for a hitbox and the good news is, eventually you get a big, ugly callus and the it doesn’t hurt anymore!


Guess none of those sound 90’s “cool” enough. Is that the word also used in Dan’s ending screenshots there?


She doesn’t use the word in those screenshots. The screenshots roughly translate to: “I’ve mastered all of my teacher’s techniques, but they’re so uncool and gross that I’ll never actually use them, so I’m just gonna forget them all. Well then, see ya. Sakura”


If you’re playing 4 hour sessions you’re probably in deep.

Investing in a quality stick is worth it. It’s like that thing about buying cheap shoes – they wear out quickly, and they cost you more in the long run. If you like stick you’ll soon want a good one, and even if you get a cheaper one with replaceable parts…costs just as much as buying a good all-Sanwa (or Seimitsu, which is what I use!!) stick from the get go.

I spent my early years playing stick using cheap, shitty sticks and it taught me very bad habits. I still find myself riding the gate hard, and it was years before I finally stopped wildly mashing every time I hit a button. I had to do that with my old stick! It wasn’t reliable! It kept breaking! It sucked shit!

I cannot play on a d-pad or on a keyboard for prolonged sessions without pain but I’ve played on stick for thousands of hours over the last decade and I can binge like a mother without issue. My stick’s also 10 years old this month and it’s still going strong, despite all the abuse and the times I got mad and Bo Jackson’d it over my knee.

My temper’s better now. I promise.

I did replace the PCB with a Brook board in 2016 though. That thing is hot as love. I can’t recommend one enough if you’re gonna be going to tourneys.

So yeah I recommend buying a used quality stick or waiting for one of those sales manufacturers tend to run during tournaments.

Also if you get a nice stick you can make it look all fancy. Like mine.

(I will draw stick art for a modest amount of money…because I love FGs and arcade sticks that much. Thank you.)


I had the pleasure of using Bachelor’s stick at Bumpass and I gotta say, it was a quality ride


I’ve been catching up on KOF as well and god the character diversity in that game is so good. Maybe a patch will make Terry good before XV comes out next year :thinking:


They just released a surprise balance patch in December or early January. I heard it was relatively reserved in it’s changes, focused more and buffing some of the lesser used characters. I haven’t been watching EVO but I remember hearing that the pre-patch popular character were still popular post-patch though. That’s still like, what, over 2 years of support for that game?


I’m glad Alice is good now. For a character from a cell phone game, Alice is super cool


pat miller writing on anime vs. SF neutral


I will never play GG pat sorry


Why not?

I am expecting the next GG to be much nicer to it’s players as that’s the direction fighting games have been heading, which will be nice because apparently every time anyone tries to get a local scene going, a handful of diehard Guilty Gear fans show up and have such a significant skill gap everyone goes back to their normal game :confused: (I’m told the same happens with the various non-tag Blazeblues but who cares lol)

Also I think they should just stop fucking around and hire Gamma Ray to do the soundtrack :woman_shrugging:


Too much work imo
Footsies with significant pushback on hit/block are it for me



then again I live in a hole which doesn’t even have a SF or Smash scene so there’s no hope anyone will ever play the games I want to


The joy of anime fighters is that the player pool all kind of sucks at them, what even is the point of Blazeblue


Xrd is super nice to its players


Xrd is the babymode of Guilty Gear, there is no better time to get into Guilty Gear


We’re all getting really into GG2 Marina, that’s the real shit


@tiburon Qanba Drone for $40



just ordered!! woo

i think i’ll still want one of those hori rap4 down the line but this is a v nice stopgap (maybe i’ll decide I like it enough that I can spend my money on something more relevant to my life, who knows)

also, i can run all the fancy new fightmans on this gaming laptop my parents brought back from the dead :open_mouth: KOF14, DBFZ, GG Xrd, maybe even SFV lol