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I love dragon punche with a lot of forward motion (hi Yuri) but Sakura has never clicked for me. It sucks, because she is clearly the best shoto.

(I have been suckered into playing a lot a of Street Fighter lately and the only character I can ever win with is Dan for some bizzare reason :weary:)


If you’re thinking of her as a shoto then you’re playing Sakura wrong.

Just hit s.HK a lot if you can’t do links and still want to play her for some reason.


Like a decade ago a friendly rival of mine was a Sak main in SFIV and it was just the right amount of fun and frustrating to play against them. Anyway we always met in tournament and I would always lose. Fun times (even though it might not sound like it).


GGs yesterday! it looks like my scrubby masher ass will have to stick to cody and his connect into MK Ruffian baby combos for the near future


What the fuck Sakura


problematic fave


sakura and karin doing a problematic cultural commentary podcast together


Sakura as twitter leftist would be an interesting turn


we been watching evo japan? the streams come on in the middle of the night but i’ve been catching up on the KOF pools vods



karin goes to thailand to learn from sagat, hoping to beat sakura by learning from sakura’s teacher’s rival


Is this the same “retarded” that Gohan called Buu in those infamous fansubs? What IS that word in Japanese anyway? I’m just presuming it’s something weird to translate.


What he says is “Usunoro” 「ウスノロ」 or 「薄のろ」.

@Rudie ?


playing for 4 hrs yesterday gave me a real pain in my d-pad thumb. i’ve noticed my DP shortcuts are really inconsistent on pad as well.
is it still the case there are no decent sticks under $100? once i get paid i might spend somewhere in the range of 40-ish on a small stick, just to see if i like playing on stick. not saying i couldn’t practice the hell out of execution, just want to give stick a try.


don’t buy a mini stick for fighters unless you are little it will not be worth it

better to look into getting something used imo

I think the qanba drone is the most popular contemporary cheap stick, my brother has one, it does not feel great it is light and ugly but it seems to work fine. I think Mayflash is the other name that also comes up in the budget stick convo.


Yeah, I was going to recommend the drone for a cheap stick. I haven’t used it but I had good experiences with the old qanba/eightarc stick. The Drone is $80 but I read it’s using custom qanba parts that mimic sanwa but of course aren’t quite as good. I see there’s an Evo Edition Drone on sale for $100 that does have Sanwa parts though so that might be better.


Mayflash is extra cheap stuff you can get off Amazon. It’s not great but some of their stuff can be modded easily. But it is cheap!


i’m little! i’m like 5’4 with baby hands
i dunno if you mean that or like, little as in ‘literally a child’


yeah, mostly. I mean I dunno if it feels good go for it.


Yeah, different stick sizes will feel better depending on how big your hands are so the smaller sticks, while generally cheaper, can feel cramped if you’ve got bigger hands. But they can also feel better if your hands are smaller. If you’re putting down all that money you’d want something that’ll last though. I think Qanba is the last big name company left though right? I can’t remember if Razer still makes their Pantheras, but those looked big. Qanba’s got stuff in a lot of sizes.


Oh, and I guess both SNK Heroines (dumb) is coming to PC this month and Million Arthur Arcana Blood (cool) is coming to PC this summer. I wasn’t sure if MAAB was too niche to have Square release it here but it’s nice it’s coming out in English.



Is MK “back”?