FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


Smug has the best face in the whole fgc


in typical dumbass me fashion neither game runs acceptably on my computer





Oh, +R is on sale too!


+R’s netplay is atrocious

honestly if you’re gonna get into XX, the online mod for X2#R is the best option


I’m not going to play it on netplay B)


+R is fantastic then. I judge a fighting game primarily by how easy it is to find competition without leaving the house.


lol melty is fun


I appreciate Melty Blood being the one video game to push long skirts. If you count long dresses and maid uniforms, it’s over half the cast!

Long skirts own imo


quite liked this piece

so since GG Xrd Rev 2 doesn’t run on my computer (i’m smart) is there an older GG that maintains similar mechanics and combos etc? so I can have something to play while I work on getting a new computer



enjoy FRC’s


i dunno what that means! (FRCs)


Bachelor and I played +R the other day and the netcode isn’t unplayable, so there’s that


That said, there’s no Kum and Dizzy has like half the projectiles she has in Xrd so if it didn’t have Bridget it would be WORTHLESS! to me


Dizzy is cute and a mom and she deserves 10 different kinds of projectiles!


Unlike in Xrd in which you can roman cancel anything, in XX certain moves can only be force roman canceled, which requires the RC input in a very specific frame window unique to the move.


They’re kind of equivalent to the YRC we have in Xrd but yeah. They are a huge execution tax to get their benefits.


In a lot of cases they function like YRC but for stuff like Potemkin Buster they’re just to make combos more execution based


+R’s soundtrack also fucking owns


ok I put +R on my wishlist for next steam sale.

also, I saw an SFV clip where Sakura has a cute outfit, which got me looking at USF4 Sakura, and… potential main? she has sooo many just straight up dumb combo and frame trap setups. Dumb in all the best ways! like 90% of her normals are frame 3 active? including heavies? and that DP arc is so dumb and weird, her wild focus attack range… yeah I’m into it