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is this where i post about smash ultimate? VGBC just streamed Kumite in Tennessee 2019, game looks lit. hype grand finals.


first fightman in forever to pique my playing interest in any serious way

REDACTED [Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Thread Extended

wherever is fine probably but the main thread is here

Sorry if the title was a bit obscured for it. @Infernarl, did you ever see it too?


has someone who hasnt paid attn to sfv since it came out i found this interesting, minus the woshige stuff


EDIT:Here to stay now!

4 new character reveals. I sure hope the two others aren’t 2 more Gokus as rumored (that is even with as much as I want Kid Goku)


there was a leak that had all these characters in + master roshi, ui goku, super sayian 4 goku, majin vegeta, kefla, janemba, zarbon and raditz. i really hope its real


I saw some of that going around as well previously but did any of the supposed leaks actually predict a Videl+Saiyaman tag team character?


i think the pic was the two of them yeah


interested in hearing retrospectives on USF4 vs SF5. im asking cuz SF5 runs like trash on my comp and i’m feeling like noodling around with some Cammy on the older game, also where i have access to more characters. will this teach me things about fighting games in general? like, is the execution harder on one or the other, thoughts on the different systems between the two, etc.

like does learning USF4 1f links teach you anything other than USF4 muscle memory?


I don’t really have an opinion on 4, but you should def play Alpha 3 with me sometime because I’m terrible at it and it’ll make you feel good to blow me up


Just play stuff on Fightcade. SF5 is a garbage game so you’re not missing out on anything and the only reason to play 4 in 2019 is so you can fight Poison while listening to her theme.

Also Hakan. Hakan is cool, and Rose has some nice dresses.

I’ve probably played SF4 more than any other fighting game and it taught me so many awful habits. I also do not like it all that much. I do not recommend playing SF4. Just play Super Turbo or SFA whatever.


street fighter 4 sucks


SF5 is so bad it somehow made SF4 seem pretty ok.

One of the highlights of my 2018 was playing SF5 with @ferrets. Not because the game was fun – it was not – but just seeing someone’s opinion of a game turn so sour at such a rapid rate was incredibly amusing to me. It was unlike anything I ever experienced. It made me feel less alone.

Not that anyone seems to like SF5 (except for that one person on here who used to LOL NO anyone who talked trash about it) but still. Made me feel less alone.


That is a point in it’s favor but I really wish she had a real dragon punch and not a rising tackle with a DP motion :<

I always want to talk shit about 4 but tbh, whenever I actually sit down and play it I get caught up way more than I expected. I played it in an arcade that has approximately every fighting game with a friend a few weeks ago ‘for completionism’s sake’ and we ended up putting more time into it than anything other than Rival Schools and 3S.

I guess a lot of it is having a playable Juri instead of whatever is going on in 5


USF4 is a beautiful and wonderful game and I will never defend it.


I’m in the play alpha 2 and super turbo over fightcade camp

Sfiv is uggo, sfv is uggo and tedious, both games can get fucked, really

OR you could play killer instinct (the new one), which is like sfiv but way more fun imo

Killer instinct also has theeeee best netcode period p much


USF4 is actually good because of moments like this

  • mark of the wolves is the best street fighter game
  • street fighter 5 is better than street fighter 4
  • don’t ever try to get good at fighting games
  • sfa3 is def. better than sfa2, and breakers revenge is def. better than sfa1, but is breakers revenge better than sfa2? :thinking:
  • 2nd impact is the best street fighter game
  • Hyper Dragon Ball Z should replace Dragon Ball FighterZ in all banned tourney slots, let’s not get lost in the legal details shh shh :point_up::lips:


As long as we’re getting crazy, 6 buttons is too many buttons. It’s too many! I’ll let GG’s 5 slide, since you only hit dust sometimes, but I hope the rumors of them going 4-button in the next one are true :woman_shrugging:


I hit dust all the fucking time you coward. It’s called KNOCKDOWN and OKIZEME


pls play psychic force and its sequels