FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


I think Fang’s visual design rounds out the weird characters pretty nicely, but I haven’t played a single round of V, so IDK

Tbh, I really like a lot of SFV’s aesthetic. Maybe there’s something wrong w me…


I guess Dragon Ball Fighter Z really is looking like a one-time EVO showing at this point.

Ah, Toei.


I can’t decipher this Twitter shit. Help an old man out here. They took DBFZ out of a tournament, yes? Why? And that means that other tournaments are going to drop it too?


if you give goku your energy we can make a spirit bomb powerful enough to kill copyright law


It’s actually at least the third tournament (Dreamhack ATL, Evo japan and now anime ascension) that was forbidden from featuring it, likely by Toei. The “why” isn’t clear, hypotheses range from wanting to make tournaments pay broadcasting rights to not wanting the game to be associated with the competitive scene to not wanting the net to air scenes of Broly losing fights before his big movie. As Ultradavid points out, legally speaking they don’t even need a reason anyway. Or as someone else with behind the scenes knowledge put it, always count on Toei to be bastards.

Since some of those tournaments had already announced the game before having to remove it, it’s been incurring cancellation fees (for travel and lodging) for players, who are going to drop the game rather than risk losing money over more late cancellations, just like tournament organizers are going to ignore the game rather than face potential problems with Toei.

At this point unless there’s some public clarification on Toei’s official stance the game is basically dead for the competitive scene outside of side events, despite being one of the hypest games of the previous Evo.


capcom give the people what they want: Heel R. Mika


Queen of dinosaurs


Ah, thanks, that explains it! Even though I don’t watch or play the game that’s a real shame


I’m into the part of having 2 weeks off when I want to get soul calibur or tekken


Tekken imo


Tekken is the better game and probably longer lasting judging by the player base but Soul Calibur is easier to get into and more immediately fun. It’s also hornier. I don’t know what I’d recommend, it depends a lot on what you’re looking for


Yeah Tekken’s cheaper and hot as love.

I haven’t played either game in single player though so…if you’re gonna play by your lonesome maybe Soul Calibur is the way to go? It’s a good game. But Tekken is great.


I haven’t played a tekken or a Soul Calibur in a pretty good amount of time, always preferred Soul Calibur, but new tekken is cheaper and has nicer looking menus so I got tekken

sure it’s been 20 years since I felt compelled to spend money on another instalment of this series but I can run it in 4K now so what the hell


Now how and when do I pay tekken with you fucks


I’m doing last minute Christmas shopping but I’ll play you in like, 45 minutes


Have you defeated Shen Long yet?


no but I did beat up @birch as a lady panda which was a good time

I also learned today that both Virtua Fighter 2 and Samurai Shodown 2 got Windows ports before they were widely emulated or available on platforms other than the Saturn and the Neo Geo (and for that matter before there were many native windows rather than dos games), which is neat


I think I’ve still got a Samsho2 CD laying around somewhere. I recall it being a little janky in control compared to emulating but you did get that sweet arranged soundtrack.


I enjoyed that story mode far more than any tekken since 3.

I always felt like tekken was one of the least durable fighting game franchises, like it pretty much lived and died on the PS1 and never really went anywhere after tekken 3 and felt stiff without being as intuitive as competitors, but 7 is actually a really nice package? like, it’s tekken, with a huge cast of characters and functional netplay and lots of endearing cruft and it can look really good if you want it to and it’s consistently goofy fun.


I don’t know or care if it’s balanced or not, I’ll always go to bat for Tekken Tag 2 as one of the most enjoyable fighting games I’ve ever played.

Let me miserably flail around as a pimped out Doctor Bosconovitch and Alex the Raptor in an over the top Christmas stage any day.