FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


dark awake was sick


Hello, my name’s Chev and my fetish is bendy sword animation frames.


what game is this? also, follow up, does it have air dashing?

edit: oh wait I see it was just posted, my b



Straight-up, can anyone think of a worse Street Fighter character off the top of their head?

Like, if you want another shoto, please put Poison in. If you want to make a model you already have red with horns and reuse animations to save costs, everyone wants Violent Chun-Li.


Hey SFV is free to play on Steam right now and I’ve been sitting on it for a day or more. I kinda don’t want to play it!

Maybe right now? Iiiii don’t know, folks. I’ve got 17 hours left


Is this a real thing?


No, give us Passive-Aggressive Chun-li


y’all make me want to watch salty bet again where that probably is real

I still got the app on my phone…


It’s actually Shadow Lady from.MvC1.

Violent Ken is the violent one (from SNK vs Capcom).

There’s also cyber akuma from.mvc1. This season should be evil variation characters.


Evil girl characters


a perk of de-toxifying masculinity will be more interesting dlc characters in fighting games. a bald, neon yellow, melting ryu named {boopy} will one day be as cool as kage is to some people

“devil horns and red eyes!! oh fuck so cool!!” what is that shit


three days grace - animal i have become

putting tribal tattoos on your wwe create a wrestler




I have yet to find anyone who can name a worse street fighter


fang is worse


there’s some guy named tanner in ohio who wears a skeleton bandana around the house and they love kage


Tanner would get more hype for demon Chun-Li, I promise


Tanner sounds cool, tbh, let’s get him on SB


Maximilian Dood and his friends love Kage apparently