FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


honoring my national heritage i got king of fighters xiii: steam edition on sale

will i ever play it? probably not. here’s to hoping, though


I always really think about that but idk how fun it is just for the sake of showing people how cool the graphics are when they come over and then playing KOF 98


i mean if it’s about 3/4 as good as 2k2 i’m fine with, it’s just . . . so much effort for my third strike babby brain to learn any of those king of fighter games (specially with a janky controller)


which is to say that yes you’re right and i should go back to '98


I was a fool, Soul Calibur 6 has long been cracked

So the singleplayer Libra of Souls mode is soul calibur meets ren’py visual novel, only without visuals. It’s pretty dry but the text is okay, even though at some point you just start skipping stuff. If you don’t do that from the beginning, anyway. You get to choose between good and evil choices at times in the story. Those choices sometimes aren’t actually good or evil! It’s weird. But it serves as a neat tutorial because, first, there is an actual tutorial location in it and, second, you get different weapons of varying quality that you can use, so you get to play with the different characters’ fighting styles.

The real tutorial is hidden away in the training mode though. There there’s text on all the systems and characters.

You can’t put a move up on the screen and then do it in training mode. You can only preview moves, that’s it. That’s something that once again VF and Tekken do better.

So far I like the game, as a Soul Calibur newcomer. I don’t know yet if I’ll buy it so I can get demolished online…

Anyone here playing it?



I will never play Guilty Gear pat sorry




Turtling is legitimate


Character creator shenanigans!


Fighting EX Layer is on PC now. For the first week it’s $30 and goes up to $40 afterwards. There’s only one version of the game on PC so it includes everything but the DLC colors. It’s a pretty good game!


Yo a bear just won Tekken


It was great. I love Tekken


Anything is better than Jack. I am looking forward to Negan winning next year.


What tournament was this, I need to watch that


Tekken World Tour finals. Was fantastic.


I’ll watch that.

In other news I bought Soul Calibur 6. Gonna be an Ivy main for now because she is the horniest character in the horniest fighting game


Next Arcsys is Battle Fantasia 2 Granblue Fantasy Versus

My only fear is whether it’ll include gatcha nonsense, if it doesn’t I can see myself getting it despite lack of interest for Granblue. Gonna main the gnome, of course.


Wonder how a fighting game with an entire of race of Chois/Yodas will work in practice.


Disappointed they when with a big dumb hitbox hat instead of designing the entire game around it.

Ideally the gnomes would be normal sized and all the humans would be giant