FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


Partyboy is my nickname for urien obv


Arika keeping their game updates heartbreakingly real for Fighting EX Layer:

About the Steam Version

While the sales of the PS4 version weren’t the best, it was thanks to everyone’s support that we were able to release two additional characters at no extra charge. We truly thank you.

As we promised in our original plan, we would like to begin working on a Steam version. However, since we do not have a Season Pass or DLC, we do not have enough Development Funds. Therefore, we are facing a dilemma where we cannot work on the Steam version and the newest Update at the same time. In addition, we are also developing the Arcade version right now.

So, after taking everything into consideration, we decided to prioritize working on the Steam version. The main reason is that the arcade board used by Taito runs the same OS as Steam.

They added in later though:

PS4 version was succeeded and we got the profit as we expected.
But it was not huge success like as jack-pot.
However, we are not satisfied with this result, we will continue to improve the game for further success.


That’s what I do erryday

Love their honesty and baditude



soul calibur is out now you can download it i am downloading it


I made a shirtless automaton who wears blue jeans, leather shoes and a neckerchief. His name is Boy, he fights with a big thick stick.

I tried to play mission mode with him, but guess what you have to make another different new character in that mode, also whoo boy does it seem painfully dumb. I will finish all of it, maybe.

It runs well on my g3258 w/r9-380x at 1440p with the AA and post-effects turned down to low.


I will be playing soul calibur on ps4 later if anybodys soul still burns


Also my name is my name



On one hand, duh, but on the other hand, heck yesssss


Make ‘2P’ canon



Is it just me or does the movement look and sound a lot more Virtua Fighter now???


You mean how DoA5LR had three playable VF characters?


Yeah I remember that, vaguely, now that you mention it. I just don’t remember the whole game reminding me so much of VF…



just found out you can make a thicc and ridicc character in Soul Calibur 6 and now I want it just for the character creator

(she’s from Dragon’s Crown I believe)

sadly it can’t be pirated yet

One thing I don’t like about this game is the ring out mechanic. I don’t like how characters stick to the edge and you need certain moves to make them go over. It should be like VF. Everything should be like VF


I figured that’s mainly why anybody still cared about Soul Calibur since SC3?


it’s what made me love soul calibur 5


Fighting ex layer PC on November 29