FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!



Looks so hot, I’m really excited that it looks and feels a little like SFIV.


I don’t think that’s a coincidence! Dimps was founded by ex-SNK talent, and both SFIV’s head animator and battle designer are back at SNK now.


do we get stout or lanky kyoshiro? this is important


So SFV is implementing what basically seems like clans (called dojos here). Nothing too major but what does come with this is that clan leader (Grand Master) will be able to customise their dojos that the rest of can then fight on. Looks like this is limited to placing a few props around but still

Custom characters are one thing but has any fighting game ever allowed you customise a stage before?


What the time to loss.jpg themed SFV dojo?



Soul Calibur 6 open network test 9/28-30.

PS4 & Xbox only.


poor pc left out in the cold again. Kinda surprised it isn’t on the switch



Fighting Ex Layer is getting a PC port. I enjoy this game a lot and I enjoy Arika’s super basic approach to Social Medias even more.


Holy shit nice


Wait, what will her alt costumes even be??


Even the fullbody suit is embarassed yeeesssshhhhh

And we already know what skullmania looks like.


DLC characters don’t have alt costumes.

FEXL is real good and netcode has been good as well in my experience.


isn’t that like, the whole game? I know people aren’t in here because they want to play a game with no courching attacks or whatever


Soul Calibur is good.


I tried the SC6 beta as well. Fought like 4 Grohs, 2 Nightmares, a Yoshi, and a Taki.

Killik not popular anymore?


Buncha nonstop partyboy Nightmares, seems to be working well for them jeez. Groh usernames with a bunch of X’s and underscores.

My take away, as with all contemporary fighting videogames: stuff is too safe on block. Supers are too good. Reversal edge is dumb. Everything is a cutscene. Autotracking on vertical moves seems may b too good.

I have fought zero Voldo or Ivy players.

I like the general game feel a lot, had a lot of fun and anger.


i play voldo and i’m a partyboy. i love humping the air

im thinking about making my create-a-wrestler chris pontius now actually