FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


the direct sequel to Arika’s 1998 japan+arcade-exclusive release Fighting Layer, essentially it is Street Fighter EX 5 featuring MSH-gem loadouts and KOF universal run


even in the time of ninja turtles in injustice this is a weird one


I guess I’ll like the gems

Maybe I’ll give it a look! Thanks for the explanation



Cool tige Sagat



I hope sagat is a problem just so we can see a midrange game again, maybe even a long range game. Just give me some lights or mediums that aren’t so dang stubby.


The new characters are so effing stupid, all of them are uniformly uninspired, bland trash. What happened to the Company that put out Dark Stalkers?

Do they employ good artists anymore?


Gotta admit I love blond crypto-Hasidic T.R.braham Jackson, World President, for avoiding being offensive through absolute incoherence.


with some tweaking, g would be a perfectly fine world heroes character


I was inspired by how much fun Evo was this year so I picked the dumbest, ugliest game of the bunch- Wait, I just remembered that Injustice was there.

Anyways, if anyone has BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle on PC and wants to slap me around, let me know. I love this dumb game for idiots and I’m terrible at it.


I am baffled.


So’s he.


oh yes give it to me

Namco, fulfill your destiny and make create-a-characters legal in tourneys


why aren’t they already? from what i remember of 5 you basically give them the moveset and stats of an existing character anyway, don’t you?

though i guess you could do weird things with character height and such that would give you an advantage


prob. all kinds of reasons, like, you can’t tell what moveset you’re fighting until they start doing stuff, sometimes there are additional movesets that aren’t mirrors of the main cast that perhaps are imbalanced, maybe some costume items are distracting like the birdie in Tekken, valid stuff, but also who cares lets do this namco take your rightful place on the throne of trashy fun


And also logistical reasons such has having everyone create or load their character on to a system would take to much time and set up.


If only there was a way to save your customer characters to the memory of some sort of card that you could plug into any system.

Is there a particular reason fighting games never give you some sort of password you could enter at character selection to replicate a particular created character? It would even have been useful for something like the gems in SFxT, where you changing gem loadouts was so troublesome. Are there just too many permutations to be practical?

Maybe you could generate a QR code and scan it in using the console’s camera.


That’s still a lot of hassle in 16+ tourney brackets when runners are just trying to get games done.


Haunting Ground HD holy shit let’s do this Capcom