FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


Apparently they announced on Twitter that it’ll be $20, which is reasonable enough to me.


Kuroda is a sex pest then :waynestare::waynestare::waynestare:


So how is the Fighting EX Layer then? Hearing mixed things.




I played two matches and the online wasn’t half bad. Better than a lot of other games I play on the reg. So decent matches have a potential to exist, at least for me (I’m on FiOS). I wouldn’t count on it as being the norm though, especially since like no one is going to buy it.

There is almost no single player content (just combo trials, training, and a facsimile of an arcade mode) so you’re probably going to be buying it to play with local friends or to support arika’s final game. It’s pretty fun and feels good from the 30 minutes I’ve played of it. It looks very nice, combos have a good flow, and I need to get used to the movement.


OK I played a bunch against a dude with 5 bars and it was fine. Buy and with someone who has a wired connection. Like me.

(StarBison on PSN.)

Progressive (simple) inputs drove me insane and I found the game much, much easier to play without them.


I’ve played a couple hours of FLEX casuals at CEO and it’s pretty fun! The gougi stuff is all extremely silly, and combined with the really strong dashes and chains it gives the game a fast pace without feeling “too” anime. The gap between the portrait art and the in-game models is pretty moe.


Irresistible purity




SNK, why is she not cool


Okay I would wear a trucker hat that says Fatal Cutie on it though so I eagerly anticipate someone making that a reality


It’s a bonus in the limited edition set.


That she doesn’t sweetly ask R U OK? is just unforgivable.


Oh jeeze, apparently SNK is teasing it as some kind of forcefem deal which… really is something


abandoning pachinko to make h-games was not the move i was hoping for


They made six horny cellphone games


and 2 child molestation games on ds


i had successfully blocked days of memories from memory. thanks for undoing that.



What is this fighting ex layer? It looks interesting. Is it worth my time? What’s a comparable game?