FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


From the person who brought you The Annotated Symphony of the Night series:

I’m excited.



I’ve been playing BBTAG.

It’s a good game. Also, a very stupid game.


this game looks very cool and i will spend $60 on even though it definitely shouldn’t cost that much. protect arika at all costs


I hadn’t paid too much attention to the development of the grooves. It looks like some of the choices make a lot more of a difference in your play style than I’d anticipated, like the one that randomly gives you super armor or another (de?)buff at the start of a round. Very interested to see how this shakes out.


I think this game would be better without universal run or chain combos, but I still would like to play it.


Idk about those floaty ass jumps folks


I wonder if the VF cast will cross over again.


Your yearly Mikado Fatal Fury Special World Cup video package




UE4 Air Man looks kind of horrifying.


Those fucking thighs

It’s air man by way of Pablo Neruda

mi corazon / it is behind my enormous chest fan


Metal Man or GTFO, Capcom.




This is fair. If you actually manage to win seven majors in a row, you deserve a seed to Grand Finals in the big money bracket


except the only two people capable of doing that in dbfz were already going to be in grand finals anyway


would be vaguely more interesting to involve the in-game shenron mechanic in such a way that competitors can be put in the situation of juggling optimal play vs aiming to get the dragon balls while still not throwing the match and whatever that might entail


Should have made it so you can “revive” a competitor that’s been eliminated


Koihime Enbu is $5 on Steam. It’s a surprisingly good game in the vein of Samurai Shodown, focused around connecting solid 1-2 hit combos (although there is a mechanic that allows for a longer combos off a particular kind of counter hit). It’s also very easy to pick up and play. If you’re at all curious I highly recommend it especially for that price.

Part of the reason it’s so cheap though is that the new one is coming July 12, featuring a new character, new assist, and the typical array of system and balance changes. It will be a full price game though (probably around $40 or $50 I imagine).

And Fighting EX Layer is coming out tomorrow.