FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


Main complaints I see are

  • All games are the completely unedited ver 1.00 USA versions of the ROMs which means some glitches but also some real wack stuff like Akuma being selectable for ranked online Super Turbo

  • Netcode is kind of all over with that it runs great with rollbacks half of the time but if it desyncs before you get in a match it never syncs back up again and you get time skipping and garbled music until you disconnect from the opponent. @mauve twitter threaded about it .

  • Online lobbies implemented real weird by default having the game played be a blind pick between players and then RANDOMLY choosing one of those.

  • Some minor stuff like Start-button being mapped by default to the PS4 touchpad which won’t work with most sticks and all win screens in Versus mode being replaced by really limp system defaults (no ranking screen in 3rd Strike and no “That’s enough! Unbeatable!!” etc in Alpha 3).


Tbh I have a mind to buy a PS3 again to fuck around with rotate cancels on JJASB, now I might need to for a legit good version of online 3S again too


the lobby stuff is the dumbest thing in the world, hopefully they patch that shit. netcode has been really good to me. I’m only playing ST right now but I’ve only had one match where it wasn’t good, and that match was still playable. haven’t run into any akuma cheesers yet. I suck, so presumably they’d zip up ahead of me anyway. should be an easy patch? they listened enough to get training mode into these games before launch, so hopefully they fix the dumb shit and we’ll be good to go. I ran into jason cole in his very first ranked matches in ST. old man mostly humiliated me, feels good.


I beat a legit decent Mak last night using only my keyboard lol


i am full of so much regret for posting that thread you don’t even know

the first night’s impressions were bad but they seemed better the second night

i’m thinking the issue is with synchronizing over higher latencies, starting around 120ms or so (>4f)


The Museum section seems real cool though especially since they even translated some of the notes in the concept and production art


there’s even some nice translated lore from obscure artbooks in there

i love arcade game lore

also, playing the first street fighter alpha and the first street fighter iii for the first time has made me realise that arcade games from 1995-2000 have the best graphics of all videogames. not that those two games are anything particularly special within that era, but i just felt like “wow, even these two games, which are almost prototypical compared to their sequels, look incredible”


No online region selection is bumming me out some

Unless I missed the option toggle but I doubt it


Wonder if they’ll actually take the time to add the Japanese versions of the games. Would probably need to keep online play exclusive to the USA versions though to make that work.


Maybe they’ll do like chronicles of mystara again and completely redevelop the entire game


What the hell is this lobby system?


Release Date Announcement of “FIGHTING EX LAYER”

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Been playing 3S too long to still be as mediocre at it as I am (mere 57% rate of triumph)
I need an Oro mentor somehow, I’m not just losing because of unfavourable character matchups

Where do people go for fightmentors in 2018


Everything is on Discord now which sucks cuz I’m too shy to talk to strangers and digging through multiple chat servers in search of information is even more of a pain in the ass than searching old forum threads or incomplete wikis.

But every FG probably has at least one active Discord server where one can go to “level up”.

I can’t name any for 3S but…maybe someone else can??


Discord eh

Idk man it has ‘dis’ in the name, they might be mean to me


Discord is just IRC with scroll back and a better phone client.

And like IRC, I stubbornly refuse to join new servers unless I’m directly invited.


and no userspace logging.

i like log files. they are handy and easy to grep.


One could probably write a browser plugin to write received messages to a file. They probably wouldn’t have a good way to detect it. This is a stupid idea.


yeah, “secret discord tech” is even a meme in the fighting game community. when someone uses a weird ass combo you’ve never seen before you say that. the story goes that someone (I forget who) made a secret discord channel for street fighter v in order to secure american dominance in that game. I don’t follow the game so I don’t know if it worked. did it work?


people are 100% going to be dicks about everything, all the time

except on the sb discord, which is flattercord