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So are these 4 the last fightman game sprite characters that will ever be drawn by ArcSys hands? Even BlazBlue is kind of set to go full Xrd magic 3d shaders soon, right?
That would leave just French Bread and Examu then…


The RWBY girls are obviously drawn at a higher resolution than the rest of the cast, and it’s actually pretty distracting on a monitor.

I like the game though.


Data mining suggests Senran Kagura guests may be planned, of all things.


When you look at Blazblue Character designs Senran Kagura fits right in.


It’s wild on a Switch in handheld mode too because the last-gen characters are all crisp native res on the 720p screen but the RYBY chars have ugly non-integer downscaling making them look worse in an ironic twist of fate.


A certain amount of ugly scaling is inevitable with the screen resolutions involved, but ASW always manages to pick the worst filtering techniques and draws all their sprites to pixel-precision even knowing the scaling is going to happen.


i just learned that terrordrome is getting a public domain sequel



Did you guys know that the CPS3 release of SF3:2i has a native widescreen (496x224, I think) mode? Wow. What a game.

this guy gets it he knows what’s up



what if the next mortal kombat was a 2v2 tag fighter? they seem pretty trend currently and might be the kind of shakeup the series could use. if they’re going to keep sticking to the modern games being a loose retelling of the old ones then the next one being Deadly Alliance would be the perfect entry to introduce it in even though the timeline has diverged pretty majorly at this point (shang-tsung returning is shown in some endings of unknown canonicty and if anyone can bullshit his way out of death it’s quan-chi). last one even had scorpion and sub-zero finally make peace with each other and if you can’t have those two murdering each other in your reveal trailer then having them team up to fight the newest face heel turn tag-team of Liu-Kang/Kitana would be a pretty good substitute. team up fatalities? the return of Noob-Smoke??


MK9 actually had a tag mode, and NRS actually put some thought into how it’s mechanics workd. It might have still been busted balance wise but not lot people put a lot of time into exploring it.


n64 mkt has a 3v3 mode that even has a comp scene in some countries


Forgot about this. Couldn’t it even be played online? Was it purely a tag fighter or could Marvel style assist attacks be called in with possible Happy Birthdays and such?

Trilogy’s various game modes really are vast and endless.


Yeah, it was Marvel style tag game with assists and active switching (rather than the de-facto round based system of Trilogy) but in modern NRS fashion they built it around meter use. You could tag in neutral for free but assists, tagging with assists, and fast tagging mid-combo cost meter. However you also had character specific combos that would initiate a tag for free at the end of their string and those could be used for combos and switching characters too.


We’re all ready for another Overture right?


time for a sequel to isuka


so how many of you shit anime fighter nerds would take a break from your obscure dial-a-combo exhibition games to play god’s own fighting game, super turbo, now that anniversary collection is out? steam only, gg no re


I hear anniversary collection’s kinda shoddy in several respects, so probably not.


yeah ‘kinda shoddy’ is very generous


I’m not experiencing the shoddiness on the Steam version, but literally only spent an hour on 3S last night

What’s gone wrong?