FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


Gerald’s actually kind of normal as far as Soulcalibur guest characters go. I’m excited to see who else is going to show up.


The guy from Nioh so there’s two white haired white guys lol



looking forward to rinsing boxer throw loops vs randos online and receiving nasty messages like when hdr came out



The blurry thumbnail makes it look like Mitsurugi has a second body coming out at his shoulders, planking in mid-air.




The Virtua Fighter Beat Tribe Cup is back after a many years hiatus. It’s a 5v5 team tournament and tends to be one of the largest VF tournaments in Japan. Streaming now!




awww so cute, too bad it’s completely broken




Wow, there are still VF tournaments?? I needed to know about that, thanks!



Her BGM is so good




I was expecting an 8 Mile spoof so now I’m disappointed


Fighting games

Also, Drag-on FighterZ now will soon contain approximately 0.75 more Goku.


I loved this game the one time I played it, and then I bought it and never played it again oops


Anyone else been playing Blazblue Tag? I got the switch demo and I think it plays really well on handheld.