Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition


Toyota is the Konami of car manufacturers?


i went to dallas a couple months ago and they have those tech startup scooters and i rented one and yada yada economic critiques etc. it was fun to ride and i want to buy a stolen/decommisioned one on CL now I bet they are like two hundred bucks wow

i had a razor my daddy bought it for me i bet it cost the same i rode it wearing an orange bucket cap

later he built my younger brother a half pipe in the back yard and i took it on there v.unsuccessfully


I find the Dirt Rally tutorials to be extremely chill and amazing. Such low key music and straightforward explanation of absolutely bonkers racing techniques.


so here’s a neat article about a dude having his lamborghini espada scanned by polyphony: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/03/27/gran-turismo-3d-scanned-1970-lamborghini-espada


I dunno if I’ve posted this guy yet ITT but it’s so strange/engaging



did it go zug-zug-zug-zug?


watching this motoring homage to a fantastic arcade-racing game makes me feel so many emotions, with sadness being one of the stronger ones.

This decade really marks the end for a lot of things, and in many cases, it’s probably for the better, and where one door closes, another one opens up. However, where are the replacements for this series?
Split/Second was blip on the radar before it disappeared, and then… idk, somehow nobody has replaced it?
idk, the next big thing is Sanic Kart 2, but that’s no Ridge Racer.

and while typing this, i finished watching the last episode of the third season of gran tour… and looking back on this season, for the first time in a long, long while, i really enjoyed watching them finding their mojo again, in terms of them being just a few car geeks sharing their love for beautiful metal.
So idk, if that means that it will only be epic trips around the world from now on, it would be such a shame… although it probably is time to move on. Has it been 17 years already, jeez…


for the zero.5 people that actually care:


when it rains, it pours:
three week wait for SuperGT races until they are uploaded?
Come on … granted, i didn’t catch too many races live, but still tuned in to roundabout 30% of them when live, and watched the rest during the next few days.


Like, what’s it with those ideas?
DTM lost me two years ago when they tried the same thing, they stopped providing english live streams/recaps and cracked down on uploaders. Since i couldn’t be bothered to watch a procession of 12 cars with the subpar german commentary on analogue TV, haven’t watched anything from them aside from a 2017 recap.

When the WEC did the same, launching their paywall-watching service, cracking down on uploaders and uploading the races the week before the next race is due, they’ve also curbed my interest enough that i sometimes force myself to go out of my way to watch the 40 minute recap they upload for each race sometime inbetween races. That’s correct, if i have anything better to watch or do, i do that instead. And, with a field that’s often mediocre at best, why would i want to catch up on e.g. the 1000km race of Sebring when i can watch the IMSA 12h version live, with a more classly field, more action, and then catch up on what i missed, because i care about it more since i am invested in it when it happens?
It’s like they don’t understand what makes their product great, and as soon as they do, they destroy it by making it as inconvenient to access as possible.

And another example:
Guess what, WTCR did the same thing, paywall or crappy commentary on TV, cracking down on people uploading the races a few days later - once again, the same thing happened - lost interest, sometimes watched an half-hour supercut they provided weeks later. By chance, watched one of the three races they had last weekend, since i stumbled over an illegal uploader they seemingly didn’t find fast enough - but i don’t feel like trying to stay on top of it, even if they’d be more lenient, because i got interested and am following other series in the mean time.

So the tl;dr version boils down to: People get interested in series X, because they can watch it conveniently (and live) instead of Y, which is behind a paywall. Someone starts to notice that Y gets more viewers, up with the paywall! People move on to watching Z, X and Y struggle with declining audiences, try to "innovate" with short recaps, but people hardly care - rinse&repeat.

At least it seems that super taiyku is good with streaming, might check that out soon, and maybe even super formula if that’s really going to be live.

real question tho:
what racing are you guys watching, if anything, and how?


I don’t know if we’ll ever see arcade racers come back. Well, at least not from the likes of namco or other big publishers. I see plenty of indie titles and mobile games inspired by those games that offer arcade-style racing but I can’t be bothered to try any of them, they all look like cute homages, but don’t really offer anything new. Games are so robustly featured nowadays, or least ones that have the sort of budget required to make what I’d like.

Wait, wasn’t driveclub kind of arcade-y? They’re closing that one down soon. i tried it once and the driving model did not connect with me at all.

well, here’s a few more gt sport pictures to round out my post:

they’ve added this delightful cheese-wedge of car back to the game.

been having a time driving the redbullx2014 lately

eunos roadster on the nurbug, out for a sunday stroll

did you know there was a batch photo export in GT6? someone needs to tell GT Sport that, cause I have to export every photo individually now.


There is that new Dangerous Driving game that is basically Burnout 3 by ex-Burnout devs. Love the idea of that aside from the fact that it’s 30fps on base consoles and only 60fps on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.


yeah I want to play that as it sounds well executed but it’s like the … fourth? title that team has released in all of two years as they slowly work their way back up to remaking all of burnout 3 piece by piece

so I’m going to need it to go on sale, I haven’t even gotten danger zone 2 yet and now this new one is only on epic rather than steam and it’s all over the damn place


so,… exactly like Burnout3, performance on the PS2 was nonexistent.
Technically, a step by step remake!

and god, if GT would put as much effort into the rest as they do in the GFX department.


i think ridge racer was switch has been rumored at some point. i think there will definitely be some remaster, particularly for the beloved RR4.

other then that, Ridge Racer kind of doesn’t make in the current climate of racers. i think the bare minimum for racers these days is to feature real-life locations-tracks and real cars, while the whole point of Ridge Racer has always been delivering the perfect blue sky racing experience where i’d dare to say it has almost nothing to do with real driving at all but at the same time the aesthetics and overall package is so finely tuned that it actually is the most transcendental racing experience out there.


idk, ridge racer and co. would be pretty perfect to throw together with a small team, with some DC+ type of graphics, sell for $15 digital only, and recycle in bundles for the next 3 years. I don’t think anyone is asking for more than that. those kinds of games have a good market on the switch, too.


I mostly just watch the really fancied-up highlights videos on the WRC YouTube channel because I’m a filthy casual


I used ti get these amazing Sky TV WRC race breakdowns and just binge whole seasons. Its was fantastic. But I cant find them anymore. I guess sky lost the contract but they were the exact right mix of summary and comprehensive. The online subscription stuff seems okay but its sort of a build your own experience which I don’t really want. I want that pro level coverage. Id gladly have paid for it.

I mostly follow formula E because they get how the internet works (full races on youtube) and its the new hype shit. They finally have an identity that isnt just “electric formula 1”. Its feels very NOW while most other races feel sort of backward looking. Is the racing good? Sometimes! more often than formula 1 for sure.

The mix of batt power, space-y looking bod designs, low down force and regular car tires makes for good action and the restrictions might lead to actual useful car developments.


The other major series I watch is stadium super trucks (also on youtube)

Its a goddamn riot. Its like a race series designed by a 9 year old.


Stadium Super trucks is amazing. The trucks are in Forza 7 and Horizon 4 but they really need to do layouts for the Super Trucks. Could be a hell of a game mode.


I heard that Dangerous Driving is all sorts of not great, so just a friendly reminder to do some research before you drop the big bux. You might still like it but it’s apparently pretty flawed

The AI only uses boosts when you do which results in the ultimate strategy of not using boosts ever. Also the damage model is a far cry from Burnout’s.