Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition


Every time you open the oven to check on it eurobeat resumes



god that rules

also is effectively an advertisement for the Wreckfest snow setting


weird they cropped out the crowd


Nissan no echi


missed opportunity to wink at me


this looks good


Skip to the end for the double backflip


this is a very good looking car

all cars should look like this



hmmm, idk, i did like the design of the concept a bit more, at least in terms of ratio wheels:car.
and wasn’t that a a three door version?

But then you should never trust me, i like this

and this car,

so what do i know about cars anyway!


deep lore revealed in that video: a Honda first, they actually mostly designed the production model first, then made the previous concept as a hype-building design exercise, and then put some of that stuff back into the real thing after everyone loved it


yeah, i love the fully charged vids since they manage to be so enthusiastic about e-mobility, yet in such a non-obnoxious way compared to a lot of e-car videos are starting to get.
like, yeah, we get it by editnow*/edit*, it is like “NEVAR WANNA DRIVE FUEL CAR AGAIN” for you, that’s cuteeee, but not the only point worthwhile being pointed out.

so i have that on my gonna-watch list for the weekend!


Kinda looks like a blobject version of the Golf/Rabbit. (oh they mention that)
Its not doing a whole lot for me. I’ll be interested to see if it can go a round a corner or break the back end loose.

“the cube is a design masterpiece I think” Oh god. I mean that watch was bad enough.

I do wish they would abandon the “grill” language in the nose design. I really hate big screens in the interior, especially at night but so it goes these days I guess. I just want a physical gauge or a heads up display. The mirrors are just the worst Idea I can imagine.

Its better looking than the horror show that is most modern car designs Ill give it that but, meh.


DiRT 4 is the perfect rally game to play with a gamepad while you wait for Dirt Rally 2.0 to get VR support so you can buy it and play with your wheel setup.


let me subject all of you to my gt sport photos

i love how clean and bright the world of gran turismo feels without managing to seem sterile

there’s no rain in the races. there is one challenge stage that has it. it looks pretty nice! all the cars have working wipers! i guess we’ll have to wait till gt7 for it.

i’ve gotten a lot of extra mileage out of collecting and making liveries

the tokyo track(s) are my favorite just to run laps on

i feel like nobody does lighting better than these guys

scapes can be fun to play with

they added the mc laren f1 GTR to the game in the last update. i immediately bought it. the following day, i got one for free as a reward for my “daily workout” (yay mobile game design trends). now i have two, so i do things like this.

don’t know if i’m keen on the styling but the new supra drives enjoyably

again, tokyo expressway is great for Ridge Racer 4 roleplay

be cool :v:

Den of Screenshots

Very subtle lighting, very nice indeed


idk, hasn’t Toyota said it didn’t want to put their road cars in games anymore?
because that suspiciously looks like a road going supra…


In preparation for a visit of resident Porsche-Nerd colleague at work to try his hands at some vintage machines from Zuffenhausen, i was shocked how bitchy these monsters react to turbo-lag induced sudden bursts of power, in best conditions no less.

Like, a current GT3 1h session of stress level can be had compressed in 8ish minutes when trying to turn one quick lap with such a beast.

Madness, indeed.


I think they said they were no longer interested in putting their older machines in. I assume for how their past embarrasses their current selection. They should at least have the hot euro Yaris in there.


but then that’s even more reason to include your cars in the game, isn’t it?

The MR2s, Supras and Corollas are iconic machinery, and atm you just cannot drive them, which i think is a shame. I like comparing old and new, i.e. going from the current gen gt86 to the ae86 and see how - or if - some handling traits survived… the omission of them doesn’t make me crave a gt86 any more than their existence would, tbh, but rather made me acknowledge that the infinity coupe (g-something) is at least good enough to fix my craving for a lexus sc400… so idk, this doesn’t work too well for me, i’d say?

and let’s be frank, if i could drive only one racecar in my life, it’s the GT-One/TS020, no matter what they try to sell.
their next best thing that’s actually affordable and that i would consider buying is…


… this.
They even put it on a race track for a photo-shooting, how seriously uncool is that?
Exactly, not enough to make me not like it.
The only thing that can save my soul is a LC500 getting cheaper in landslide-mode, and i don’t see thst Happening anytime soon…