Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition


How did driving work out for you, managed to get the hang of it?


I’m actually pretty sure I had controller latency problems yesterday! I removed a Dualshock 4 program I had just installed to get NFS to work (didn’t work anyway) and did a reboot today and it’s like night and day

I’m having a lot of fun now!


My Mom Classic Mini is:

  • Every Civ game up through 5
  • Master of Magic
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Free Cell


That’s cool! She doesn’t like 6 or never got around to playing it?


Her PC can’t run it, and she still enjoys the heck out of 5, so no reason to upgrade right now. Being on SSI disability also limits her funding for that.


Yeah it’s really demanding for not much of a graphical upgrade


I think it is time now to talk about a few of the core gameplay mechanics (pun initially unintentional) of Horizon4, that seem to make the sensation of playing this game so good, especially for people who seem to never have touched a horizon title for years/before.

first up - honking:
this game isn't just honking great, it got some great honking mechanics. ..... sorry..... just couldn't keep this one for myself any longer, and i would do it again.

Seriously though, this game offers some kind of superfluous-looking customization here that has been in the series before, and my guess is that most people pretty much don’t care about it or even realize why it is even there, but in fact, it is one of the better means for online players to communicate after the “fxxxing milkshake”-peak of unsolicited gaming chat that, tbh, was one of the more unnerving aspects about horizon3. Loud breathing, catching glimpses of discussions you didn’t want to be part of, people being annoying just for the sake of it - you could do away with it if you muted voice chat in the game settings, but i am not sure how many players figured this out, or cared to do so.

Now, it seems like voice chat is missing entirely from the game (correct me if i am wrong!), and it seems to have been replaced officially(?) by the quickchat function that is mapped to the d-pad.

The second, more interesting - imho - means of communication is the car horn. If you spend some time online, you quickly realize that there is much more honking going on in transition than (quick) chatting, most probably due to the input required - honking is a click of the thumb stick, chatting needs two presses, plus you have to take your hands of the wheel/left stick - so it’s easier to just honk.
People seem to give you a greeting honk on the Autobahn when passing by, when you meet them around town or the festival, and very often you get a honk in return if you honk first. Double or triple honks are used to convey more elaborate information, e.g. people honk to communicate about spatial geometry, i.e. locations of things that they perceive others not to be aware about, and i found myself thinking about how i can communicate that you need somewhere around 195 - 200 kph when driving over a ramp to crash into a sign placed on top of a trailer.*
It is, in short, an interesting tool to command attention, greet, communicate, underline, react, and to diversify yourself among your peers. Some (i. e. this writer) use it to signalize success when doing a tricky jump or count down the last 10 or five seconds before a forzathon live starts.
It’s the gist of role-playing in a game like FH4, and it is used by a lot of people before they switch to the quick chat function that probably(?) should have been the primary medium for communication.

* i tried to be a location marker for the other car, and moved my car further away from the ramp after seeing where the other player landed. However, before we could close in on a range where he/she should be able to do it, he/she left and went off doing what cars in horizon do.

next time:
why the forzathon is a clever way of bonding, and why cumulative stacking of odds may be a good idea for more in depth inspection.


I’ve been playing completely offline. Well, as offline as you can with this thing. I know where to activate online but I don’t know if it’s grayed out because I’m on the free trial. Can’t remember. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be and you only go online after you’re part of the Horizon team? Don’t tell me, that’s my next milestone


you can join a convoy (or just toggle yourself into the online mode from the pause menu) whenever but it does become the meat of the game and they introduce it more once you finish your first four seasons and get put into the global hopper, yeah

fwiw for general AI difficulty settings I like keeping most of the traction/stability assists on, turning off all automatic braking and steering, using just the braking line rather than the permanent driving line, keeping the option to rewind, and turning the AI up significantly, to either the second or third-highest setting (I find they’re a lot more challenging in street races than in cross-country races). this gets you up to a +60/65% and I think it makes the game more challenging without making it more fiddly.


My gamepass trial expired last night, but apparently you get 20% off on FH4 while you have one. So I bought it then immediately canceled the pass lol


I was thinking I’d probably end resubscribing for sunset overdrive PC or Ori 2 (I’m suddenly noticing that microsoft is actually an interesting publisher again for the first time since like… the PS3 compilers were no longer widely hated) so I didn’t bother buying it at the end of my trial but that’s good to know


I’ll try those settings some time. I keep the driveatars at above average difficulty and it’s making me fight for a top 3 spot sometimes and some other times I’m 1st by several seconds. It’s very random


I just did the Halo Experience race and it was one of the absolute high points of the whole game for me. Truly amazing. Even as someone who’s not super into Halo this was great. I really want to play a new Halo game on my PC now with those kind of graphics! I’m also down for Halo Allstar Racing. Make it so!



Quick correction (For 12 days ago) but Voice chat is only enabled if you are in a convoy or during Team Adventure mode. Also the honk has kinda codified itself from a “Hello!” if two cars meet at speed or “Come over here and have a look at this!” if you are stopped still, usually to help guide players to a barn find. It’s fascinating how the community has adopted it. If I remember right, Playground added more Barn Finds beyond the expansions onto the base map in FH3 so I can see a few more being added over the course of the year. It’s all so fascinating. They did break their rule on “DLC Cars will be completely new to the series” just to include the Vaxhaull VX220 (AKA the MSR cover car that hasn’t been in a Forza since 4) but their plans included bringing over cars from FM7 that were brand new in there as Forzathon only.

Though they did preview the next expansion. Out next month


Some months ago, SEGA made an arcade update for Daytona Championship USA (aka Daytona 3) freely available online. With a bit of hacking, people can play the game on their PC computers:

I hope SEGA releases a home version during this current generation of consoles. That I can’t play it right now on my Switch absolutely reeks of cowardice, SEGA!


I got a Thrustmaster TS-PC with the H-shifter and pedals off craigslist for a song and it’s amazing even for something barely simulationist like Forza. Honestly heavier steering than some actual cars I’ve driven. Looking forward to Pcars in VR but wondering whether it’ll bother me that things are in the “wrong place.”

It does have one really silly thing - the power supply is shaped like a miniature turbo.


more SB flavor cars!

the 'mug.

#19 Morgan Aero 8
imagine that in the DAYTONAAAAA paintjob.

Yeah, me neither!

Honda City (1980ies)

for no apparent reason, i can so picture felix turning up in this entry,

having his avatar as a reprint in the passenger seat’s footwell, smoking a pipe, and raving on about arch linux, Win Phone and Nvidia stock. If there’s one person that should win the lottery to live that kind of lifestyle, i officially nominate Monsieur Felix, for the record.

and #22
too far ahead of its time

and with built quality/reliability that would pass as good enough today, yet didn’t back then - the ritmo of the night, the night…
sorry… couldn’t help myself there.

more to come!


Has build quality dropped in the past few decades? My (limited) understanding is that cars have continued to last longer and longer.


I think it’s gotten better in some respects as it’s gotten worse in others, right? Engines and transmissions are more reliable but body damage is now a huge liability and certain scenarios have become fussier.