Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition


also there are so many cars in this! And they all behave faithfully! I’m not much of a car person but when I find out I just got a Renault Clio and an old Jaguar within minutes of each other after a race that goes rapidly uphill and down around a little English village it really hits the dopamine pretty hard!!

Seriously like playing gran turismo for the first time




oh my god this game is so pretty


this may be the biggest coup d’etat by MS for a while - Forza has its fanbase, as does GT. They kept at it and tweaked/adapted the formula from the first game onwards, and managed to make people give this series a shot - successfully, as we can see.

it’s always great to have some feedback from people that aren’t long time players of a series, or even the genre, so be sure to share more impressions of what you like or dislike, or what may feel odd to you.

And i can wholeheartedly second the notion of this game looking good - the weather and seasons give each moment that air of being unique and never coming back, thus making it significant if you pay attention to it - and if you don’t since you are racing , drifting, cruising, chatting or collecting things, it just looks pretty while being perfectly entertaining.

It’s hard not to love it, and that’s a rare thing for a number-title, I think…


it’s very special. I played the mainline Forza 6 that was free on Windows because it was free and I hadn’t touched a proper racing sim in ages at that point, and I enjoyed how complete and expensive it was – I think I mentioned how it struck me as like, a successor to flight simulator – but this is so much more as a game; it makes the cars themselves more interesting while being less singlemindedly focused on high end machinery, the downtime and the curve are lovely without feeling heavy handed (especially if you turn off and ignore the skill system), and the world is wonderful. just an unabashedly good expensive videogame. and this one was also effectively free.


I saw a blog post from the creative director at Turn 10 recently (Chris Esaki replaced Dan Greenwalt as Greenwalt is now director of a small team overseeing the franchise as a whole) saying that because Playground Games has been acquired by MS. They are now fully free to focus on their own game and no longer supporting Playground (Who are staffing up huge on their Horizon and “We’re not saying its Fable, but it’s totally Fable” teams so they won’t really need a large amount of support). So the Motorsport team is doing a complete re-work of FM7 between handling physics, online multiplayer and lighting. There’s been rumors for a while FM8 will skip 2019 for 2020. So they are kinda getting into a good position. to re-vitalise the franchise a bit with the extended support and then launching with a better FM8 around the time the next gen consoles come out


following up on re: NASCAR

so, by chance, the PS4 youtube application decided to recommend 15 minutes of the Charlotte Roval, provided by the official nascar Channel.

well, i started catching up on the whole 2018 season, since it’s quite convenient to do so during breakfast or when cooking.

Harvick and Bush/Bush Jr. winning every other race makes me feel like nothing changed between 2011 and now, except for the odd Kyle Larson or Stenhouse Jr turning up every now and then.
Except for Johnson, who seems to have used up the luck of seven years/championships, huh!


Front half of the season was just Harvick whacking the field because the SHR Fords were amazingly strong and the Chevys just faded. Meanwhile Kyle’s been the only one to wring constistency out of his Toyota. Second half of the season just went crazy with constantly exciting races, Silly wrecks, surprise winners (Kansas last night was a bit dull till the end though), Brad K getting a hat-trick. Watkins Glen is still probably the best pure race of the season but the Roval was sheer entertainment from start to literally the final corner.

Currently my final four is looking like Harvick, Kyle Busch, Logano and Elliot. Truex will need the hail mary play at Texas to advance. Kurt Busch is strong at Martinsville and probably the dark horse in the round of 8 but Bowyer took the spring race and will be strong as well but Elliot’s on a roll, the Chevy has finally started to come in and almost won last years playoff race till Hamlin outbraked himself and put Elliot in the wall (And then Elliot ran Hamlin into the wall at ISM Phoenix when Hamlin was on the verge of the final 4. Hamlin didn’t pull that shit again for this season). Amirolla has showed that 10 car just needed a cooler head in the drivers seat to prevail but I can’t see him making it out even with good results.


Horizon 4 has given me a bunch of old rally cars and I’m just so happy

My second car was a Lancia 037 and the only thing that got me out of it was an RS200, but then I found an Escort RS Turbo in a barn and threw a bunch of crazy parts on it and…

I capped off winter with a nice drive down from the mountains in an old beetle

This game is great!


I bought every upgrade for that Escort RS Turbo and it’s juuuuust this side of controllable ITS SO FUN just flying around

Finally got done with the tutorial, now who wants to be in my convoy??



This is the real America


Keep the bugs off yer glass and the bears off yer ass


I didn’t realize this song ended up with the main character getting blown to pieces.


well, i wouldn’t have thought that i would say this, but there’s a new car that’s coming out… sometime in the future, which we all will pretty likely never drive in RL, all 100ish models are surely already sold and virtually parked in some garages in dubai, california, hong kong, tokio et al, and i caught myself thinking ‘this is a worthy SB car, yupp’.
Now, two things that puzzle me:

  1. what IS an official SB car all about, anyway?

  2. why did i immediately think of SB when it comes to this specific car?

car in question btw is this:

i’m no fan of the McLaren Senna, for the record, and haven’t claimed mine in Forza Horizon4, which you supposedly can do if you played the demo.
I also don’t buy in the front of this car, the three-seater cabin, the concept of a “Hyper Car” in general and almost all of the specs, but somehow… there’s something about it. idk why!

maybe because they claim in this mediocre news ‘article’ that 108 will be made?
Maybe because it is retro-futuristic?
Why am i asking questions anyway?

so, to at least answer one question, i think it is time to draw the killer7 gran turismo 7 line, and decide, in best SB-fashion, once and for all (until someone else will ask this exact same question a year later or so) what the official list of SB approved cars actually is.
It will be a highly random and crude list, yes, so we better do our best to come up with a list that will not match anything out there, we have to consider our fame, after all!

Challenger #1:


One car we already agreed upon a long, long time ago, the Fiat 131 Abarth is set, no doubt about that.

Challenger #2:

a real challenger, undecided whether it shall be driver san fran’s yellow/black one or the white one from Vanishing Point.

Challenger #3:

Ferrari 512

because SEGA forced my hand.

Challenger #4:

TVR Sagaris, because it looks like someone put the axe on wheels, and if the driving experience in Forza or Gran Turismos is anything like the real deal, it must feel like posting in the axe as well.

… now, your proposals, please!
in best SB-tradition, we will or won’t have a poll in the axe about this.
I will add some more at a later date, but feel free to nominate the MX-5 for me!


I never post in this thread and I think I’m the only 944 fan but,

Obviously it’s the Testarossa I mean come on.


I’m very partial to the Teatarossa, that’s true. I’ve been in love with it ever since I was a little kid. I got a big Testarossa toy car to play with back then and I’d group it in with the F-14 and X-Wing as my childhood favorite mechanical objects. I’m also not a car head though, so my opinion is probably not worth much.


512 AfterPurner 69


The axe on wheels is a Reliant Robin in my experience


if we can agree on the GTS model, i’m in.

why specifically the GTS?
well, it spawned a significant amount of copycats, see the wonderful lot of tries inbetween real examples here:


#5: 944 GTS

#6: Reliant Robin

next challengers to stirr up posters' imaginations:

that new obscure japanese game we love to talk about every so often?
here’s the car equivalent:

#8: Elise and MR2 are too mainstream for you? The Garaiya is your thing then:

even though i would nominate the rhino 1 personally, i have to think what SB deserves to put on its officially approved car list:
Up next , the Turbot Rhino II:

read more about it here, if you can decipher anything: