Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition


I played the first three Horizon games with a steering wheel in as close to sim style controls as I could manage, but I feel like I should probably just give in a play FH4 with the Xbone controller. This is something I would never do with Forza Motorsport 7.


Please help I have so many wheelspins that all I can see in my sleep are roulette wheels telling me I won another Alfa Romeo


reporting in after day 1 (yurop, yeah… tailgators 4 laif) to answer one question:

does it look good?

… well, It’s a different landscape, OK, but autumn and fall are really a treat so far. I didn’t get around to do the official SB 131 paintjob yet:
i didn’t feel a crave to do so since FM4, but somehow, i ended up doing a few minor decals yesterday…

Most of the gone Toyotas are missed dearly by me, what did they think, man… no lexuseseseses with itasha paintjobs to bounce around a frozen lake surface make me feel :sob:, but what can you do than turning to old (and IRL crappy build quality) british toy cars. I encourage everyone to enjoy the presence of a proper transformers-trainee:


News from the Transformer apprentice:

(phone could not handle the snow~~~)

This car is basically a cheat device in itself, if left vanilla. As you may have noticed, you can only see sprite based (pun unintended, but excellent) races - idk why the ai doesn’t go for VW Bugs, the Isetta or comically bad british knock-offs P50/Reliant Robin, but since everyone gets the same sprite, it’s easy to obliterate them as soon as it comes to uphill sections… The ai doesn’t seem to be able to judge when it should be shifting down/up, and you can easily get some 5-7 seconds between #1 and #2, w/ a difficulty setting somewhat increased but not set to max.
And best of all, it is the only car in Horizon3/4 where i decided to use the onboard pov as default - it’s just perfect.
only issue may be that you grind to a halt when exploring anything that registers as a hill…

but then you must have something fit for that purpose anyway - the 131, exactly.

I’m in spring now, but am already looking forward to the next Winter…


fourizon wireless has the exact soundtrack i would expect it to have. i wish there was a “jump out of your car and roll around in the snow” button


Dirt Rally 2 has no VR support


I just blew through the Moorhead wind farm at 250kmh

power to the people


Just opened up the '98 TVR Cerbera Speed 12 on that freeway at the southeast of the map. I got it up to 380-something KM/H.

I have seen the face of god


Because of a real-life music festival in my town my rental car options for a work trip on Friday were Full-Sized Pickup and Luxury. I chose Luxury and got a Chrysler 300, the McMansion Hell of cars.

(with that paint and those wheels)

I love the face plagiarized from Bentley combined with the GUN METAL GREY wheels that are surely reused from a Challenger trim package. The seats are mysteriously bad with lumbar “support” that adjusts in two dimensions to push you out of the bolstering. There is a quartz analog clock on the dashboard.

Report on the state of whiz-bang technology in cars:

  • Adaptive cruise control - great. Saves your knee a lot of work on the road. Also seemed to brake for me over ~40mph, which I wasn’t sure if was the brakes or transmission which caused me some consternation, anxiety, confusion, and acceptance re: “NO ENGINE BRAKE BY CITY ORDINANCE” signs - how are they going to know? Why do they care?

  • Lane keep assist - at first I thought the car was broken, then thought “wow it’s like when I forget to turn off assists in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.” It keeps you going straight in your lane like bumpers in a bowling alley technically keep your ball going forward. But as I was barreling through Big Sandy late at night it was nice to just keep my hands on the wheel as a formality.

  • Transmissions that you operate with something other than a lever to the right of the wheel - Chekov’s dial. RIP Anton ;_;

  • Steering wheels with controls on the opposite side of the wheel - obvious in hindsight, but when combined with paddle shifters means you might slip and turn up the volume on your engine instead.

  • CarPlay is a revelation in triaging the demands on your attention, but it is useless if you’re off the interstate and don’t have a cell signal, which is pretty common for driving-for-work in the US.

I think based just on the lane keep assist I will probably not be comfortable with a fully autonomous car unless they’re windowless pods, but I can see the future of US transit through converting roads into rails with cameras and computers.


I think this is for semi trucks, which make that loud BLATTT noise if they engine brake. It’d be pretty funny to hear a sedan doing that sound, though

My understanding is that driver assist and autonomous driving are on fairly different tracks; the sophistication of the sensors and analysis in the autonomous cars is miles ahead and not something that can be worked up to by, say, improving the program in a Tesla. That’s why the take they steering wheel away in the Waymo cars; you can’t realistically ask a human to not drive but ‘be ready to respond within 60ms if anything goes wrong’, so don’t pretend to do so. By contrast the driver assist will have an upper bound of automation before they can’t count on driver attention, and they’re starting to do things like disengage if they track the driver’s face not looking at the road.


I don’t recall if it was posted here, but one of my favorite Mazda oddities was a patent application for a system that would detect driver inattention and respond by rerouting the GPS to a more interesting road.


The engine brakes they mean are also known as compression brakes or jake brakes. They work by leaving the engine connected to the wheels while cutting the fuel supply and use the moving pistons to compress air in the cylinders. The BRATT noise is the high pressure air in the cylinders being vented before the pistons move back down so that the energy in the air isn’t returned to the wheels and the brake actually slows the truck down.


yeah but when can I get my car to tell me whether the reactor is online and/or all systems are nominal when I start it


This can be done now, actually.


for a change, enjoy these pixx related to the 6H WEC race in Fuji:

I hope y’all stay cool, too!


Honestly tho, if kids are learning about/are able to discern at a very young age how Toyota is reading the rules for the width of the rear spoiler and comes up with a solution that, in effect, is cheating, I am so looking forward to what they will come up with in 2035 or so.


Oh yeah, I wanted to post this sick drift video itt

It features some great aerial photography thanks to drones. I’ve never seen that before. Maybe some of you already have. It’s still super impressive!



utterly in love with horizon 4, this 2 week game pass demo is an exceptional value

I have like 15 cars and every single one of them has a unique personality to me and I love upgrading them the way I love tweaking armored core stats and the countryside races are all incredible and the various seasons are all gorgeous

no competition for my favourite big expensive game of the year


hit a lot of bucket list type stuff with this game today:

  • first time racing against a friend
  • finished all of the horizon events
  • got my first car over >999 rating

I think that was in the neighbourhood of 10 hours over 6 days?

and it’s all gravy from here

so so good