Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition


obligatory Tim video link

Don’t tell my brother but he’s getting this for his birthday.


Wow, he actually dialed the timness up to 11 on this one. I think it’s Art but I don’t know if I want to look at the YouTube comments!


No, there’s no need for that. I just wanted to know the general situation. Thanks for the info!


seems like a great thing to spend my Windows 10 Xbox Game Pass free trial on


They changed the update plan up a bit where the car pass cars will arrive two at a time every week instead of monthly. There will also be three cars added to the game available to everyone in the Forzathon store each month as well that will be a mix of returning cars and new cars along with occasional bonus cars. I remember Horizon 3 got a special Miata/MX-5 celebration pack of three models and in one of the most absurd and brilliant tie ins, the Regallia from Final Fantasy XV. So there’s probably going to be a lot of additional content between the season pass, expansions and Free cars. Especially as Turn 10 operates with the rule that all DLC cars have to be brand new to the series.


You can drive an AMC Hornet like in The Man with the Golden Gun and make the horn a slide whistle to match


I looked into the monetization some more and I really dislike the VIP pass or what’s it called that gives you double the credits for wins and such. That just feels like you’re getting half the credits when you play without it, which is what I’d do. This then screws with how much you have to play to get what you want. As in the damn balance of the game.

The number of cars they give you from the go is amazing and I have no real issue with car packs although of course it is better to just offer me the chance to buy one specific car that I want instead of that and a couple I don’t want. I wouldn’t buy cars anyway, probably. I’m not a car guy. One hyper car is the same as all hyper cars to me.

I guess this game isn’t really for me. I like action spectacle racing games and rpg-like car games. This is a spectacle car game. Notice the difference between racing games and car games. Yeah I’m being picky but there’s a million games coming out all the time and they each take a million hours to play and all cost 60 bucks or more to enjoy and that’s the market today, so I have be picky


hmm. i would coin a different term for the horizon series in this regard:

MS tried to position the Forza Motorsport series as a ‘serious’ contender in the sim racing market, sth that’s to be taken with more than just one grain of salt. Accordingly, it focusses on the racing bits and offers some kind of career-mode where you are progressing through a number of set-pieces that should give you the feeling of being a competitor in series X. truth to be told, it feels like you are shuffled along in a theme park though…

the horizon series, as has been described before, is more like a take on the well known ‘Need for speed’ x ‘Fast and the furious’-formula - i personally would even go so far and call it a Driving Experience Action CarPG, because that’s what most important for me in this series:

experiencing the joy of driving cars i would never be able or want to afford, in places i never would be allowed to, in a manner that never would work in real life, and - best of all - with friends, relatives and strangers that join the (literal) joy ride for minutes, hours, days or months: that’s what i love about FH3. It even shows in the way how i approach both games, in FM7 i tend to play from the cockpit pov, whereas i go for the 3rd person view in FH3, to see the car i am driving with, and where i am aiming it at.

… and tbh, with FH3, most of the time, it isn’t even important what you are doing, or where you are going:
it is the act of going places and how you get there that counts, and those are the moments that stick with you:
e. g. one that stuck around is the following, experiencing sunset at the horizon (pun not intended) after heavy showers, in a Lexus LFA with a painfully embarrasing idolm@ster paintjob, while you are jumping over dunes in the australian outback - a perfect moment that won’t come back.

if you enjoy that kind of thing, then you won’t care whether you have to grind a little bit longer for car X (if it isn’t the most expensive car in the game, that is…)… and if that’s the case, then just buy it and enjoy driving, because that’s what we are here for, right?..


Judging by reviews I watched last night, the car unlock times are more than reasonable in the Standard edition so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I think it’s more for collectors than for regular players.




The reason I don’t consider it a CarPG is that you can do pretty much everything from the beginning, go anywhere, drive lots of cars, and there is no strict progression system that limits you and let’s you grow bit by bit. That’s what reviews lead me to believe, anyway




yeah i wish there was some carpg where you’re just a high schooler street racer without much money and getting by with part time jobs and such to upgrade your carmobile.


I did like how you had to start out gran turismo with like a Honda Prelude, something about the 90s made that feel extra shitty



The comments are actually surprisingly positive. I think he gained a lot of fans with his dragon quest review.


So, since Horizon4 will be out tomorrow, i had to give Horizon3 a proper send off… or rather, enjoy driving Toyotas, since they decided that we don’t need to drive their backlog anymore…

… man, this game looks so good already, how’s h4 gonna surpass that…


I don’t know that it does, really… I don’t think the UK’s landscape is as spectacular as Australia’s. I mean, the changing seasons do look good but


I felt like the first Test Drive Unlimited game captured the big mood of just cruising around really well. Horizon games haven’t matched that feeling for me, but I still love them. I just… probably won’t get FH4 for a while, and it’s hard to explain why. Maybe it’s my current and late obsession with Dirt Rally.


oh fuck this is good

I just tried the demo and it’s immensely likable