Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition




with forza horizon 4 on the… horizon

would anyone like to be my xbox friend for this game i play on the pc

tired of decade-old xbox friends popping in who have probably never played a single forza

add me at landroverattack



I have not picked up NH3 yet despite really liking NH2 mostly due to time being at premium this time of year for me. I’ve heard it is really good, especially the dirt tracks but still has the same issues (In race strategy is almost non-existent for longer Cup races as cars don’t evolve on runs and tyre wear is a bit too gracious to the player).

As for the sport, well last year’s champions Furniture Row Racing are shutting down and drivers champion Martin Truex Jr. is likely heading to Joe Gibbs Racing because their sponsor decided to leave the sport (And they couldn’t find another willing sponsor) while CEO Brian France got arrested for a DUI on Watkins Glen weekend then told the officers “I know President Trump” as they booked him. Supposedly the France family is looking to replace him by the end of the season. So even finding the next big thing like Chase Elliott (Who finally won a race even though Hendrick Motorsports isn’t having a great time of it) or having some weekends where the racing product has been spectacularly good isn’t exactly saving the sport.

Interested to see how the Charlotte Roval plays out next week. It’s a contrived way to get a road course in the playoffs but the track layout looks interesting enough. And since it’s a cut off race for the next round, I’d expect it to be absolutely mad.


eh, that sounds like NASCAR is in much more dire straights than I imagined.

Considering that the WEC has been losing their way for the last few years, and DTM is basically insignificant atm, that leaves the IMSA sportscar championship, blancpain sprint/enduro and SuperGT as the series i’m watching that still thrive, instead of being on a downward path.
undecided about indycar, since the empty Grandstands they tried to keep out of shots during broadcasts were still a bit disconcerting.


Reminder to myself to find video of the unlockable races in new Forza where they call out Outrun, Smuggler’s Run and Project Gotham Racing by name.

Also that you can unlock Game over YEAAAAH as a quick chat message and the Windows XP shutdown jingle as a car horn


I don’t understand how nascar ever appealed to anyone. The cars are ugly, the race is a loop… what’s to like?


Do any of y’all have wheels/pedals/shifters and impressions to share? There’s a bundle of the Logitech G29/920 with a three-pedal plate and separate shifter for $250 right now, but it’s the kind of thing I can only really buy once.

I play PCars in VR and the free* Forza 6 for sim and Forza Horizon and Burnout for arcade stuff.


I have a G920 and it’s very good for Force Feedback, deadzone adjustment and is a nice wheel all round but the brake pedal is incredibly stiff that it might take a while to get used to it. Also you’ll need a good, sturdy place to put it because it’s rather large and the FFB is very strong


They are good and they will make everything you play with them fun enough that you will refuse to go back.

The wheel mechanics on the T150&+ Thrustmasters are probably better, but it’ll cost you more than $250 to get a wheel/3-pedal/shifter set, even used. The Logitech pedals are real nice. There is always jumping up to the halo level Thrustmaster or Fanatec or like serious big boy direct-drive motor bases but that’s a bunch of money for crazies.


G29 works on PS4 and PC (if you get the PS4-branded one, at least) and works like a charm with PrjCars1+2, Assetto, RealRacing(?) on PC.
On PS4, PrjCars2 has a few scenarios where the ffb is acting up with a specific car/track combo, maybe they have fixed it by now, didn’t try that for a few months though.


I started playing Burnout Paradise Remastered a few nights back. I am in the part of the game I will likely enjoy most where there are all these gates to drive through and billboards to figure out how to smash through. Soon I will have most of them (I mean I’m already at like 310/400 gates and 79/120 billboards) and I hope I’ll still enjoy it.


aww sheeet


The best survival horror game of 2016 gets a sequel!


Really looking forward to buying this + the VR DLC a year or so after launch!


Imagine a bunch of real people in cars doing donuts spontaneously on a motorway because they saw another player do it while a gentle snow falls from the sky and Clair De Lune plays in the background.

Forza Horizon 4 is magical


I was really not impressed by the UI and task overload of watching my friend play 3 but I’ve heard very good things this time


You won’t like the UI again because it’s still very busy and feels like it has to let you know everything, but one of the big system changes is that progress is significantly more open ended and it’s not bombarding you with tasks like 2/3 did and trying to shuffle you along. It takes a moment to tell you how doing things helps you progress alongside the racing/stunts including making paints, taking photos and designing tunes and then lets you get to it in any order you want. It’s actually rather done well even if you don’t realize you are progressing. Which I rather like because 3 got rather exhausting when it was just shuffling you around telling you where to drive, go find a drivatar to challenge them etc, etc.

I think what amazed me so far is that while the seasons are a bit of a gimmick, they are an exceptionally well done gimmick. I took a Ford Mustang out during the Autumn season part of the prologue and embarrassingly got stuck in the mud after some heavy rain while the car was nigh uncontrollable. Cars do handle differently for each season. And the prologue Seasons have completely made me rethink what cars I should be setting up for each season. I haven’t made it to the live world yet (Just got to Spring in the prologue last night and then it will roll me into the full world with summer as the current set season which they will roll over weekly). And the shared world stuff is just amazing. Along with spontaneous Donuts in the snow. Last night I saw a bunch of players in trucks roaming a mountain looking for the same barn find I was. Someone came across it and started loudly honking their horn so everyone could find it. Their horn was also the Windows XP Shutdown jingle.

Also requisite 131 shots because I know what you are all here for (And Xbox Live was just slammed last night so I couldn’t upload them till today).


I only heard passingly that the business model is atrocious. So I guess that means microtransactions? How bad are they, do they mess with the game balance?


Can only really speak for 3/some parts of 2, but it got way better in 3, at least from the cars-being-DLC-only pov… these bastards thought it is a good idea to make the NA2 NSX DLC material, and that was the end of any ambitions i had to properly play Horizon2 for a few weeks even, before the Horizon4 demo was out.

Yeah, they crossed a line there, locking away the (old) NSX is one of the most stupid ideas i ever experienced, when i didn’t even bother about the new one that was also locked away in three… yeah… I’m special, thanks, I know!

Anyway, Horizon3 still had DLC carpacks, but way more cars to your disposal. I expect the same from Horizon4, tbh, so if you can say “yeah, that ___ would have been nice, but i have X and Y anyway, that’s fine” and not shell out money, then you’ll probably be fine…

If there’s a certain car that’s on the other side of styx for you, i can offer you to take a look whether it is in there and report back.


I honestly forgot this was out and I am giddy.

Cars have skill trees and players share an instance… did they make hoon Destiny for me??