Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition



i never played the vita RR because they had taken the game and broken the entire thing up into tiny chunks: pay 2$ for this car, 1$ for this song, i was absolutely confused on how to buy the game itself. i’ll stick with ridge racer 2 psp to get my RR fix.



for those few that…

  • do have a xbx1
  • have xbl gold
  • and never played Forza Horizon 2 before

… now’s your Chance. For “free”, about 40gb.
Now we can prep for FH4, huh…


Some more V-Rally 4 gameplay:

Looks lovely.

And from a recent press release:

Entire road networks have been created for the rally environments, with an impressive level of detail. In addition to the pre-defined specials, V-Rally 4 provides an even more unpredictable challenge through the specials generator. Just like rally organizers, the specials generator randomly opens and closes road intersections, which means there are hundreds of possible routes through each environment. Your route is not a collection of pre-defined roads and bends: it uses parts of the road network, and each special is different, with unique characteristics.

Sounds great. This game comes out in September, but the Switch version has been delayed till a later date. Once I get it, that game card will probably never leave my Switch.


onrush is on FIRE


Glad to hear! It’s on the docket but not for a bit I don’t think.


the sense of speed is lacking, at least with the initial cars, and not a fan of the soundtrack - but the graphics and particularly the car sprites in this game are real juicy wish I could play it on a big screen


I think I read something about that game coming to Switch, but maybe I’m confusing it for Horizon Chase.


welp I think this guy wins, pack it up everybody



Big Chris von K knows what’s up


slightly related to this thread:

Was wondering just now, for a moment, how this game must look w/ VR-goggles…


if someone didn’t see that yet…
was wondering how they will deal with the numerous big names that have left the sport recently/last year, which has left Nascar itself scratching its head, but from the looks of it, chase elliot it is they’re banking on.

and dare i say so - dirt racing looks interesting


Forza Horizon4 demo out since yesterday, though didn’t have a chance to even take a glimpse yet… but at least the download finished.

What do i expect? idk, i loved going berserk in italy and kicking vespas arouns town, i loved drifting around the Surfers Paradise Zen-Drift-Roundabout, sth that got picked up by other people online, and i try to approach this as neutral as i can, before expectations go up through the roof… i just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a sole super-mega-hyper-car wankfest - what it basically is, i know!


hey look Harry drove the best car



Where did all these futurecars suddenly come from?

It looks like a tv scifi prop


More cars that look like Blade Runner please


I hope we start retrofitting non-ICE engines into old cars like the Miata from Looper


Jaguar will sell you an electric E-type for like half a million dollars.