Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition



using the 2016 P1 as one of the iconic cars is quite bold, considering the history behind that…

anyway, Project Cars2 LM update:
10 bucks for 2016 spec 919, R18 (badass LM and not-so-badass Fuji spec), said TS050, and 917 LWB+F512 + LM 1971 track configuration… hmmmmmm.

if you can wait, do so.
if not, enjoy driving those 2016 monsters. they’ll last for a while…


Nice-looking trailer in that link.


Shit, there’s a new V-Rally coming out?

Better raise your game, Codies.


Some E3 gameplay for V-Rally 4. I was expecting tracks to be modelled after real-world locations because Kylotonn also made the recent WRC games, but this is really video-gamey! The big mountains in the distance of that Monument Valley track evoke scrolling scenery in Outrun and its ilk.


i was just thinking like a few months ago why no one had made one


so, after witnessing the demise of the 2016 TS050 machine in le mans sitting in the Grandstands, i’ve been back this year, and this time, toyota finally broke that spell and got that elusive first win… in the 86th edition of the race, no less.

if they don’t do some special gt86 version(s) now, i’d be pretty surprised.



since i’ve been owning, driving and being driven in french cars quite a lot in my life, this is totally/as french as it gets, esp. that last gen clio tasked pulling it looks out of its water (no pun intended).

n. b.
that discoball mod is just wonderful!



Best Rally, iOS early July



That show is the bollocks I binged the lot



lap average: 145.3 mph
max speed: 229.3 mph
someone mentioned slowest speed once started: 92mph


Top Gear just posted a compilation of other fast laps!


It’s actually 92 kph, occurring in a hairpin, but still, goddamn. The top speeds are accurate mph though.


Howdy all purpose sb car thread (lol)

Do y’all have any ideas for a small and inexpensive car in which you sit upright? I just did a short road trip in my miata and it really exacerbated my fusing-in-progress spine. Like, could not move when I tried to get out. I’m gonna be driving all over the state here soon so It’s Time.

My folks had a GTI that was perfect in terms of posture but that’s going to be more expensive to insure (because of the turbo?) and maintain (because volkswagen)


I love my prius c and they’re finally circulating enough that you can get one used for ~$9k

I have noticed that it doesn’t really love american highways though (it gets 50-60mpg in city traffic and right up to 65mph, which is gently speeding on highways here, but whenever I’m south of the border it dives to being comparable to a regular mazda 3)


if you want to travel comfortable, either go with a walloping old school us boat, french barge or japanese pseudo luxury ride.

lexus ct200h, if that’s are available in your part of the world, is prius tech wrapped in acceptable premium cushioning, and does the mpg game as well as you’d expect.

if you are crazy, go for a Citroën with hydropneumatic suspension, waft around like a french god and feel like a poor man when it comes to finding spare parts in your part of the world.

alternatively try older Renault or Peugeot models that do not have and RS or GTI badges, snd you should be fine.


If only I could get a French barge in Texas.

Are French cars : German cars :: Korean cars : Japanese cars? That’s my impression based on that Citroën commercial with Wagner music.

It looks like the ct200h might be old enough to find reasonably priced. My dad ditched his hybrid as soon as the battery went out despite my hurried linking of remanufactured batteries.


Fiat 500s are known for having a noticeably high/upright seating position, maybe check one of those out.