Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition





those are hideous




I didn’t know sidecars for cars were a thing


For when you don’t want your wifey in the real car…

Oh, the plates say woof, so never mind



Before i click:
éX-Driver, right?

yepp, expected as much. It’s a good one, albeit a bit trivial… but who doesn’t enjoy a 22B.




Good bot.

I got a 1977 Vespa P200E a few weeks ago. Def. spent more time on the ground next to it in the driveway fixin’ stuff than actually riding it partly because it is now blazin’ fuckin’ hot all of the time + also my wife is not 100% into smelling entirely of two stroke oil for the rest of the day every time you turn it on. Currently it is: running but: leaking oil like a sieve all over the garage floor. As a bonus all of my very rich old neighbors like to chat about it as they pass by on their afternoon strolls. One of them, our dog buddy Pam, who we see often in the illicit dog park aka empty lot that has been planned for mid-rise luxury apartment construction but remained undeveloped for 6-7yrs due to concerted opposition from said very rich neighborhood residents who are def. all retired lawyers, has herself a Honda Metropolitan which hadn’t been running for a number of years but I saw her zipping around on it the other day good for you Pam. Also I think one of the college girls down the street has a boyfriend with a red 2-stroke Stella I see you puttin’ around stud. The p200 can’t seem to break much over 50mph which is below average and now I gotta pull the flywheel and check the stator pickup alignment and maybe get a timing gun and also perhaps remove the clutch to get at some seals and re-install the suspension a second time because reusing the old bushings was a mistake and I have a expense tracking spreadsheet and now the turn signals seem to be back to working at best only sometimes but in a very inscrutably Italian sometimes way


the true Vespa experience, it seems!


between these and oh deer and maybe drift stage i don’t know why everyone is making outruns but okay


main issue i have is that they are so meme-y


Funny thing is I’ve never played an Outrun


There is nothing funny about this.


speaking of

time to get ur self good with god


Today in news for the rich: Alfa plans to build a new hybrid 700+hp mid-engined 8C and also a Giulia coupe with 600+ which they will call the GTV.


In gaming-related news, i think we will soon find out whether those rumors 'bout Horizon 4 are true, dorking around China or GB. Would be rather inclined to do the former one, since I enjoyed hanging around Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogz.

re Sonic & Sonic & Sonic Racing Kart: Jensen surely never asked for this, but if it plays anything like Allstars2, i’ll take it!

re demos: I romped through the GRAVEL demo from Milestone, and I think it is fair to say that it is the spiritual successor to Seb Loeb Rally, only with no licenses left, so what you are getting is basically some kind of a WRX racing game. Interesting to see that Project Cars 2 seriously went shopping and acquired licenses for quite a few WRX tracks. So, what you get is tracks that romp throgh tough terrain, some nice looking weather effects, a lineup of cars containing the usual suspects of former rally glory, Fiat 131, McRae era Focus, 1990ies Celica, Delta HF Integrale, some more recent Super Trucks, some WRX machinery,.... and that's it. Verdict? Absolutely try demo first.


There is finally a driving horror game! It’s called Beware and there’s a demo out. I’ll try it out and post more about it tomorrow


I heard about that and it sounds amazing but possibly too scary for me? I get paranoid about driving.


If you wish for a more relaxing car experience