Fading Brakelight Obscurity II - Championship Edition


~oh be still my heart~

I take some pride in having brought one of the most important, wildly disputed issues of modern times’ racing games simulations to the table, namely the lack of fading brakelights in them "real driving simulators™.

Fast forward a few years, and lo and behold, things’ve changed!
However. The advent of LED-lights nullified this accomplishment. Now it’s en vogue to not have fading brakelights on most (new) hypercars, and I have this nagging feeling that soon, we’ll have games which sport a handful of vintage cars just to show off “see, we could, but don’t have to!”

A preposterous tought!

re preposterous:
When checking which game would turn up as search result #1 for “championship edition” on wikipedia, much to my surprise this gem/game popped up:

What a curious, little, never-heard-of-before gem have i discovered here by chance!
[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GT_64:_Championship_Edition

anyway, tl;dr-version:


hahahaha I just clicked on “New” posts from the top menu and this was the only one and the thread title made it sound like you were posting from a car whose brakes were out


heh, not w/ the car I currently own (… i hope!)

…… hmm, i just have realized that the youtube-embedd link posting got somehow lost in transition, i’d have replaced it w/ the link but 2 URLs per post prevented that. alas, in all it’s N64’ness glory, here is the link:

ok, the normal URL automatically gets transformed. cool!


Ive been playing Arc System Works “Gotcha Racing” on the 3DS but that doesn’t have illuminated brake lights of any kind. Probably because its a top-dow-view slot-racing kind of thing.

In general brake light talk: I hate the newer ford mustangs triple boxes for lights and even worse when the turn signal turns on each one in succession.


Different strokes I guess. I like sequential turn signals.

What racing games are coming out for the PS4? Have they announced a Gran Tourismo yet? I feel like Forza has taken GT’s crown for most lovingly recreated automobiles.


I think the only PS4 exclusives are Driveclub, Driveclub Bikes, and Gran Turismo Sport. DC lies somewhere between sim and arcade physics but barring that the game is focused solely on racing with little else to feed compulsions so I think most people find the progression boring in this day and age. I think you cam get it and the season pass for like $20 so at least it’s cheap. It got a lot of post release content and upgrades.


DiRT Rally finally left Early Access a few days ago. It’s essentially turned into a true successor to the original CMR DiRT, so that’s pretty great.


Man, will this game make it to the PS4?
Because I’ve been craving some Fiat 131 + Rally action lately and was wondering whether this dirt game went anywhere …

re sequential turn lights:
I am still a bit baffled when I come across a car which has its (read) rear lights flashing instead of a proper (read: Yuropean™) orange lightbulb (or orange plastic/glass) that I am so used to see.

and since I’m at it:
Fun Fact: Did you know that the Toyota GT-One has turning signals and that they work in ENTHUSIA? Just press Pause. Come to think of it, never tried that on a camaro, the red light-flashing thing should be throwing me off as well then … gotta check that out soonish, I guess!


They’ve said they intend to port Dirt Rally to the PS4, yeah. Game looks real good, excited to play without building a new computer.

I’ve purchased and played a bit of Project Cars on PS4, recently. It seems pretty solid, physics-wise, though I don’t have a wheel setup for the console at the moment. There’s, refreshingly, a couple longer point-to-point courses (French Riviera and PCH) and a few non-racing cars that are fun to drive upon them, if you’re not or less down with Motorsport - which is otherwise the total focus. Kinda expected the UI and “career” stuff to be slicker, feels like a Simbin game.


What substantially separates the main Forza series from Horizon? Is it just discrete events vs open world? That might be better for me. I just dump a ton of cash into old cars until they’re impossible to drive straight. (Playground didn’t simulate the NA Miata’s weak A pillars.)


I was recently checking my indiegala and humble bundle accounts and I found out that I have rFactor. I paired it to my Steam account. Does anyone know if it’s any good now? I remember trying it way back when it was in beta. It showed potential but I didn’t like it much


Mainline Forza games have a more robust physics engine, though still not on par with the headline PC sims. Also, I don’t think they feature fictional EDM festivals.


@Sonnick @Victor DiRT Rally actually even got a confirmed console (PS4 and XBO) date this week: April 5 (North America, I’m assuming). Looks pretty good!


@firenze: cool, i hope that yurop won’t be trailing the US release too much.



tell me yeah, it seems like you’d find something that clicks with you.


So, a quite janky game that doesn’t offer much unless you mod it? Hmm seems to align with my very first impression of it.

Funnily enough, yesterday I “acquired” Initial D Special Stage for the PS2 and, while fun, I found it way too arcadey (you shouldn’t be able to take those curves in 5th gear) so a more simulationy touge game might be cool to mess around with for awhile. I don’t have wheel & pedals so we’ll see how it fares with a standard analog pad.


Just reporting that there is high-octane taxi street racing in Yakuza 5 and it does indeed have HEAT actions in which your car leaves a trail of blue flames in its wake.

real excited about the new dirt and being able to play it without buying myself a nice PC (which is something I’m thinking about doing).


[quote=“rye, post:16, topic:113, full:true”]
Just reporting that there is high-octane taxi street racing in Yakuza 5 and it does indeed have HEAT actions in which your car leaves a trail of blue flames in its wake.[/quote]
love the totally anime-esque interpretation of wangan racing, but would have expected more initial D-style drifting …


it’s far from simulation but tokyo xtreme racer drift 2 is very loving with its car selection and its course selection, might be fun for you to poke around in. it’s one of my favorites.


I need to get a better computer.


erm idk how long I’ve been asleep, but when did modding in assetto take off like this?
honestly surprised about these cars/EK9-touge-battling.