enTRAPTment tactics

I decided the best way to stay out of trouble was to fuck the pope


i’m on a 36” tv and the font is killing me

I went super saiyan and then everyone transferred into my class

I would want to have the super saiyan professor too compared to the other faculty who are explicitly portrayed as washed up

also after briefly flirting with being actually difficult on the most difficult setting around the 10-hour mark it’s completely flattened out

I put it even with something like insomniac spider man, it’s a style of game that’s often fairly bad which they’ve managed to do quite a decent job with even though it won’t be in a top ten list for the year or anything and time with it doesn’t feel super valuable

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oh yeah there’s the reason I will never play this game
uh until they patch it

DQ Builders 2 is having this problem as well, but just for its tool tips, and it is annoying as hell.

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there’s missable stuff FYI if it matters to you, I hadn’t played a japanese game like this for a while and I forgot that they do that.

  • you gotta get all your recruiting of students from other houses done by february, and the rules for that are basically, if you get them up to a C-link, you need to pass their stat requirements, and your main person is only really good at swords/leadership/faith, which will only get you like 2 students, but if you get them up to a B they’ll join you automatically, so you have to like ply the ones you want with food and gifts when you get a spare moment. the kids you start with will generally be better over the long term anyway with only a couple exceptions because they have the stat boosts from mastering the low-level classes, it’s not like a matsuno game where you slowly replace your entire squad with NPCs unless you somehow built your team really badly.

  • rhea and leonie can’t go higher than a C or a B with you unless you get them as high as possible before december.

  • you need “dark seals” to class change to dark mage and dark bishop and they’re stupid hard to get, you need to steal them from the death knight when he shows up in story battles or kill him and they pull shit like having him run away if he’s the only enemy left in the battle which you’re damn well not gonna repeat so it’s up to you if it’s even worth it, there’s only like one student who’s a good fit for “male-only evil wizard” anyway, he’s exclusive to one house, and he can leave you halfway through depending on a decision, so it’s probably not worth fussing about.

  • the generic random battles you can do mid-month are super easy and tedious and not worth doing after like the first month but the “paralogue” side story battles that different students will come up with for you are good.

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Now that I’ve chosen one house (Black eagles) and fought exactly two battles with them I find that they’re the best and I don’t want any of these dorks from other houses

I imagine I’d have thought the same thing had I chosen any other house

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Is this Hubert??
And if so, is the choice obvious enough because I really don’t want my boy Hubert to leave

yes & yes

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but Lysithea is an excellent replacement if you do lose him, she’s the only non faculty, non starting black eagle member who just walked onto the field the first battle I had her and became part of my main rotation

she also specializes in dark rather than elemental offensive magic but she’s not a boy so if you miss the dark seals you won’t feel bad about not being able to make her a dark bishop

(Catherine and Shamir are also great late additions)

No offense but you’re like God in that Job story where he goes: « Job, I’m sorry for murdering all your children. Here are other kids, they’re just as good as the old ones… if not better!? » and Job’s supposed to be happy about it


is there a good guide for what all these fuckin symbols mean. i have no idea why some characters have blue or red arrows next to skills, and why some have 3 lil stars next to them

blue or red arrows are just whether they get an XP boost to that skill, if they have a predisposition for it

the stars mean they have a latent talent in that skill so while they probably aren’t well suited for the class that would use it, if you train it up it’s a good secondary

matters more late in the game when most fighting classes can also use magic

thank you for comparing me to an old testament god on my web forum


this game is incredibly long (at the rate it’s going I don’t think it’s really doable in under 50 hours without skipping all the best parts, which probably would’ve kept me from picking it up in the first place had I known) but it is really very likable, between all the dozens of extra dialogues between your characters, and the unit ability customization, and the zoomed in battlefield view with the langrisser armies, and so on.

the tactics themselves are actually quite a bit closer to new xcom than matsuno stuff at its best – the maps are fairly long and most of what you’re doing is trying to spread out your strength to neutralize every immediate threat before moving on – but it moves fast and is tough without being overtuned or cheap. it’s a fine big little game.

it has a lot of missable optional stuff and it’s actually balanced very well in terms of both challenge and pacing if you don’t try to mimmax like crazy, which is also a feat considering this genre is typically FAQed to hell

this got me from “yeah i think i’m in the mood for a tactics thing but this is a bit overwhelming” to “i would die for these disaster children” in like 4 hours


I’ve fought about 20 monsters now and still don’t know how they work. I don’t think I ever will!! They’re so mechanically complicated for what used to be the simplest TRPG on the market!

So far this doesn’t matter because like any good Fire Emblem the worst units feel o.k. and balanced (Caspar, Ferdinand) while the best units feel completely absurd (Protag, Edelgard) even on the hardest difficulty setting

Huge if true: If I’m correct, as the protagonist gets a higher professor rank, they also get fancier tea sets, tablecloth and pastries

Yesterday I drank tea and ate a canelé at the same time as Hubert in real life and it felt extremely good