emotionally powerful music


post music that has a strong emotional impact on you

(particularly the first ~5:22, jeez what a theme)


direct link

March From A Clockwork Orange (Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement, Abridged)

(the original doesn’t seem to be on Youtube)

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an absolute rollercoaster of a song


Can’t find a working link of the whole soundtrack, but I’ll occasionally put on Kenji Kawai’s GitS 2 OST just to lay and listen:

I get that way with a lot of Grandaddy music, particularly this one:

And there’s something about the Cocteau Twins:


man, the whole album is devastating, but this one… jeez

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pretty much every big glen campbell tune has made me cry, but this is the one that gets me there most effectively right now


all my favourite music puts a swell in my gut, it’s how i know i like it

it doesn’t seem to track with specific genres or tone or anything else

spent a lifetime trying to nail the common factor(s) actually to no real avail


kind of interesting that the bond film rejected this, as it’s miles better than what they ultimately went with

i just realized this is probably the most interesting tune radiohead have done this decade


i like music that makes me sad :x
im going to try really hard not to spam tt…


It’s a cover. The original is by Miracle Legion, who you may know better as Polaris of Pete and Pete fame.


and then nothing turned itself inside-out is one of the best crying albums

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Whoa that’s weird i was literally just going to post


this is probably my favorite album of all time at this point in my life


arthur russell is quintessential modern melancholia


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