electronic music technology appreciation thread


It’s really fucking good
Honestly seems underpriced for what they pulled off here


I think I’m finally getting the hang of this. I’ve found that if I invite over someone talented to jam with, then turn all my stuff way down, it sounds awesome.

I practiced with a band like that for a month and they loved me.


what are the white things?

also what do you think of the PO 24 Office?


I love those things! They’re the U-Creates. It’s a kid’s toy that’s a mix of a multieffects unit and a sampler. The orb-y bits are essentially joysticks that let you open or close the filter or vary the digital delay stutter effect and the like. They’re from the mid 2000s, so they’re starting to pop up at thirft stores a lot. The membrane pad for the drum loops and samples is awful and touchy though. The couple times I’ve performed with them in public I’m in constant dread of my pinky slipping and accidentally triggering a cheesy dance beat.


Oh and I love the Office. I have a couple POs thanks to Guitar Center marking them down to $20 briefly last year. I think this one is my favorite though. I’m doing really stupid stuff though, so weird clicks and printer noises are perfect. I like their sub and robot a lot too. The sub’s extra drum machine feature makes it a really handy all in one kind of thing, where as the robot is cool for playing simple melodies live.


I think I’m finally getting the workflow down with MIDI clips playing the electribe -> record the output -> warp + arrange all on the push 2! I had a mini-breakthrough last night with a track I was working on so that’s promising


Got curious and compared what I reckon is the best Minimoog softsynth around - Synapse’s The Legend - to my Boog

It remains very good softsynth. Honestly the only advantage of the outboard, beyond the physical control surface, is that inevitably the signal is ever so slightly smoother by the time you’ve tracked it into a DAW; the plugin needs a bit of filtering after it to match, and there are any number of desk/tape/unobtanium outboard eq vsts for that so

Steal it immediately


sure I’ll put this here

also what do y’all think about that tr-8s

I went to a dance music festival two weekends ago and spent too much time at the roland booth playing with the boutiques because it was more fun


I’m only really interested in a stand-alone drum machine if it sounds absolutely novel I think


I saw a TB-303 on clearance the other day and strongly considered grabbing it.

Haven’t gotten to mess around with the TR-8 yet but it looks like something that Egyptian Lover could take a cool photo with. I am intrigued.


Oh cool! Selectbuttonians and synths.

I had an Electribe 2, I tried to like it for 6 months but it was not for me. I don’t like machines that try to do many things, I like machines that do one thing only and right, so I sold it and bought a Keystep which is wonderful!

Really the Keystep is fantastic, so versatile, I have used it to:

  • play my Blofeld live (along a sequence in multi mode!)
  • sequence my Blofeld in sync with a PC or just volcas
  • interface ableton with a CV synth (a friend’s 0-Coast), also syncing things
  • just producing in ableton
  • and more!

My setup goes something like this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcBO2vbgLFU/

Only thing missing there is a Volca Bass.



The ultimate GAS.


Apologies if this has been posted before I’m a little too lazy to really scroll through the thread rn


author and punisher rules.


Love that heavy slidey spinner thing. This is ace.


as if to declare my journey with hardware over, my electribe 2’s LCD screen has stopped working in the middle of me getting all of the synths sampled off of it

most of my setup was based around that thing so not being able to use it is kind of a bummer but also very liberating

I got interested in hardware stuff mostly because I wanted a better way into work with the electribe 2 and I ended up settling on “just sample the thing and use ableton”

so now I am selling my digitakt! if you are interested I will hook you up with a friend discount


I bought another Behringer D and have a Neutron on order because I cannot be stopped


What I actually want though is some more hardcore version of the positional setting in Altiverb 7, given I have no real option to record weird instruments in live spaces atm


Ian Shepherd doing cool useful shit again