electronic music technology appreciation thread


Got Librarian to talk to the D-50 properly at longest last, now in the severe patchbrowse rapture I richly deserve


it’s cool to see this being released with a pretty robust sequencer! I LIKE SEQUENCERS


That patchbay looks like fun.


looks like they’re doubling down on the modular craze with that patchbay too :slight_smile:

I am a bit of a modular skeptic tho


I wish modular stuff wasn’t so damn expensive. Been eyeing the 0-Coast on the semi modular end, but even that is too much for me.


yeah like, I get the appeal but when just the case is $250+ it kind of makes me wonder what the point is


Let’s hope Behringer starts a eurorack module line.


It had to happen and it did, I think maybe no one needs to ever build another subtractive keyboard again?

Oh word, it also has a whole digital engine built in? I should probably at least finish watching these vidz…


All they can do is make the same shit but cheaper, which Berhringer is already all over

It’s about compositionally sane interfaces now imo




wow what in the fuck I was literally browsing all their products on their site two days ago and I was thinking “it would be really cool if there was a small fm synth besides the volca fm that would work with the digitakt rly well”

this is sick!!!


kneels in front of koi pond



oh wow, two new pocket operators too ! sampler and voice synthesis


o-oh no




oh shit I bought ableton


…and a push 2. fuck


You idiot


i blew it

but i’m also hella excited


Is that yours? How is it?