electronic music technology appreciation thread


RCA aux outs in your mixer to a thrift store tape deck, or an old answering machine’s memo mode next to your amp.

Digital 4 track if you have a daddy war ($60) bucks.


I want a synth that’s good at pads

I have been eyeing that roland boutique version of the d-50 (they call it the d-05) because it’s got those nice pad-esque presets

but part of me wonders if I should just get a volca fm and find some good dx-7 patches


Nice thing (among others) about the D50 is its effects section, pretty damn useful for pads

If you don’t already have a reverb etc unit to run a volca through…


Yeh instead of getting a new synth just get a nice reverb unit, you can turn anything into a pad


why’re they called pads anyway


they’re like padding material for sound

Slow attack, slow release, they’re soft all the way through, and are often used to ‘fill space’


they’re soft and plushy


Sorry gunna have to lock and destroy this thread. Dangerous. I almost bought a drum machine. I have a wishlist now.


i have two pocket operators because of this thread. a very dangerous thread indeed


I have a new go-to limiter that I of course stole via Russian crack covens (it’s Fab Filter’s Pro-L2, and I mean the L1 was pretty good anyway)


look I’m sorry

but also tell me about the gear you got too ok

(what drum machine was it)


Just boring ol’ Roland TR-808 remakes.

Gunna be a bit smarter and try play with friends’ gear before I spend money tho.

Also tempted by the Roland TB-03 and maybe a little Moog and and and and

Having lots of fun researching and learning stuff. But there’re lots of vet bills coming.


hey I don’t think they’re boring! I kind of like the boutique series >_>

I’m pretty excited by this:

I think if I can get this on our old ipad and get a cheap behringer usb mixer, I can essentially get rid of the computer (which is only running ableton with a reverb)

it looks cool and elastic drums is good apparently!


There’s new version of the Kastle out that adds some new synthesis modes and tweaks the oscillators.


I like this a lot

if I do somehow end up getting it, I will probably use it for pads

so I will be on d-05 for pads, electribe 2 for plucky rhythmic parts and maybe leads, and microbrute for bass with digitakt sequencing everything


I’m hoping someone’s ripped all the patches so I can just rotate them into my historic unit via Patch Base and an iPad


i’m 100% sure that that’s going to happen if legowelt is being advertised as a person who has made some patches for it

people love legowelt


this just makes me want an sq-80 again. someone make an sq-80 box i will submit to your will


appreciating music technology:

as if this isn’t still the best pair of youtubings for nearly a decade


I got a sub for Christmas. Remember that A minor and C major are relative keys!

Anyway I really dig it. My son especially likes that there’s a little submarine guy because he is coincidentally into them recently. Still getting the hang of it but rapidly improving. The arpeggiator and that kind of stuff is too weird for me imo it sorta TAKES OVER once you turn any of it on.