electronic music technology appreciation thread


I picked up a Roland SP-404 recently–the old model that takes compact flash cards.

It’s super useful. I’d been using my SK-1 for limited live sampling and looping, and this really opens things up. The vocal effects are fun too, but I probably won’t put a mic anywhere near my mouth in public any time soon.


Hey do y’all have any recommendations for two-tier keyboard stands that you like?

The missus has a bday coming up and most of the stands I’ve looked at have reviews ranging from mediocre to awful.


I want a digitakt ugh



As soon as I saw there was a new post, I knew it was going to be this.

Since when was James this public?


Since the daddening I think

His kid uses renoise \m/ apparently a bunch of those user##### tracks were his children


never seen microtuning talked about this much

that’s a dope article


I didn’t know about this either. How old are they?


just pulled the trigger on a digitakt because I shopped at a guitar center in san diego one time and they’ve been sending me coupons for like 5 years and there was one for 20% off and like, fuck me that’s a good coupon

i am so excited


I got my digitakt! I have set up a template for me to control my electribe 2 entirely with MIDI from the digitakt!

it is wonderful


somehow I’ve managed to spend more time sequencing the electribe from the digitakt than actually creating drum patterns with the samples I’ve loaded

I really really like this thing


I’m pretty ignorant about these things, but I still enjoyed this discussion of synthesizers between two of my favorite musicians, Jean-Michel Jarre and Vince Clarke.



I’ve had a KORG KARMA that I’ve barely touched in the 11 years I’ve had it (one of the keys doesn’t respond unless I press down on it hard, but apparently that’s fixable?). Has anyone had any experience with it? I’m wondering if I should learn it or sell it and use my less cumbersome AKAI. Though, the KARMA has this cool thing where you can like, if I recall correctly, fuck with the pitch on the fly using the weird switch-knob on the left. It can also load floppies (I think), but… I don’t have anything that writes to floppies. Or anything else that reads floppies…


hi feidian I’m sorry it’s taken so long but I haven’t had any experience with that synth :frowning:

I think I like sequencers too much

I don’t even have a modular

I was considering spending like 400-500 on that squarp pyramid sequencer

which would cost more than both things it would have sequenced combined




I’m mostly posting to ask why software synths/VSTs have graphics that make them look like REALLY REALLY cool hardware boxes because I want all that hardware to exist so I can touch it

I’m working on music I promise I will post it soon but I think I might be moving to a different house in a little so I have to wait until that’s done to record anything blah


I was dicking around with some KORGs at a second-hand music shop forever ago, and I found one with a stock harmonica synth that sounded exactly like the one JDK used in this song from Zwei!!. Does anybody have an idea of what model that might have been? I just really love how it sounds at ~1:23.


Oh man, I will have to get one of these and play it next to my dying original one and that will be fun.


hey yall…
so um…when you make a song with an electronic music technology…how do you record it for later listening and maybe someday sharing?
and is it possible to do so without using a desktop/laptop computer?