electronic music technology appreciation thread


I bit the bullet organization-wise and just started leaving my mixer on my desk, which means I finally got around to messing with my full setup and I’m really excited! turns out that those gaps between patterns that the electribe produces are close to inaudible when playing with a bunch of other stuff, so I’m really excited about that

a song has been pretty much finished, I just need to get to a point where I can record video + audio because i want to do youtube videos like all the cool gear heads do YEAH


I’m pretty close to buying a beat step pro and a small 8 channel mixer today and I feel awful about it somebody tell me why I shouldn’t do this


I got this on Craigslist. A Korg ER1. I hope it works. A little sticky.


So the office just got an SP-1200 in, quite by surprise

I know I want to prod the thing but I have no idea what I want to do with it


First thing should be feeding it a bunch of James Brown samples, sped up as needed to fit the memory constraints.

Then you should cover It Takes a Nation of Millions… in its entirety.


Contrary to everyone’s expectations it actually works, so!

Meanwhile I think I might want a DSI Tempest after all:

Brute strength


someone is selling a minilogue for 450 on my craigslist, right when i am wanting to sell my big solid state ampeg stack (svt 200t, 810) for like 750

what this means is… i should probably wait for it to be gone and then sell mine and then spend the money on mortgage and baby toys. :slight_smile: :frowning: :slight_smile: :frowning: :slight_smile: :frowning: :slight_smile:


ugh I’m now questioning my original decision to go hardware only because I like ableton a lot ahhh


This is a video in which a Reason employee plays through every preset in the new version of their software while he is inside a moving car. It is ten hours long.



that’s definitely a road trip huh

car mixing is the funnest though!


Just circuit bend the baby toys. Problem solved.


this is making me think that volca sample + beatstep pro will end my hardware setup FOREVER

or maybe i should just get an electribe sampler I dunno


the only problem I’ve had with the electribe 2 is 4-bar loops (too short) and the voice limitations, so if I can offload the percussion to the sample and sequence everything with the beatstep, which has something like 8 bar loops, I’m finished with my setup basically :slight_smile:


Behringer’s going to release another (assumingly affordable? have they ever done expensive anything?) analog polysynth into the market soon.


I’m anticipating a minilogue knock off in the price range of the timbre wolf or minibrute.


Had a go on a Doepfer Dark Energy 2, first tangle with CV stuff
I very much like the idea of a dedicated low-end generator but wonder what’s actually the best hardware of all time for that specific range


This is probably too late to be useful, but Guitar Center has the Timbre Wolf for $250 new today. I was there yesterday, and the poor one in the used case was going for a couple bucks more than the new ones.

But yeah, weekend sale that ends today.

Anyone familiar with them? Had I not recently gotten a Microbrute (and had to buy a bunch of wedding gifts) I might have bit.


That thing looks pretty neat for 2.5 bills. I had no idea they made a cheap poly (or quad mono or whatever you want to call this thing) version of the Rhythm Wolf’s bass synth. Everyone complained that that thing sounded lame and it kinda did but the five minutes of reading I just did said Akai implemented a more robust tuning system on the Timbre Wolf to keep it from drifting as much. Only have triangle/saw oscillators might be constricting but it seems this thing is more about gritty character.


I’m jealous of the polyphony, but only saws? I guess that “bass synth” name isn’t a joke.

I heard there’s like no envelope control either.

Those wood sides are so cool though!

So thumbs down on the rhythm wolf then?


I think it might be kinda cool for like 80-100 bones, but the drums don’t sound real good to me. I think the box itself and the knobs and pads are cool. I think the Volca Beats sounds better.

They’ve apparently got another drum machine in the same vein called the Tom Cat, never seen or touched one of those though.