electronic music technology appreciation thread


definitely! if you and LaurelSoup can narrow down a little bit about what exactly you need help with, I can make another thread in Output

like if you’re having trouble understanding or navigating the interface, or you’re not sure what instruments are or how to change the sound of them, etc. that’d be good to know just so I know what to cover :slight_smile:


welp I bit the bullet and bought an electribe! looking forward to making STRAIGHTFORWARD, GROOVELESS MUSIC with it and my microbrute yaaay


Do iPad apps count?

I really like this Korg Gadget thing. They made a bunch of fake synthesizers and put them all in this app. Super fun and easy to use.

While we’re on the subject, these apps always come with some killer demo songs.

This is from the iYM2151, which is a tracker based on the YM2151 chip, which you probably recognize from OutRun, Space Harrier, etc.


I think that’s on sale right now. Are those all pack-ins, or do you get like three, and have to buy the rest?


It comes with all of them except for the two samplers. If you buy the Korg Module and iM1 apps you can use them as gadgets too.


they super count! and yeah gadget looks really great for iPad composition – if I weren’t in my all hardware all the time mood I’d have bought that already :slight_smile:


so I’ve had a weekend with the electribe 2

I really like it! I’ve never really had a groovebox like this so the idea of just turning something on and having a full workstation to write stuff on is great

it’s a little less powerful than I’d like but it was also like 300 dollars so I can’t really complain about it! the lack of per-part reverbs is a small bummer because a lot of my music is pretty reverb heavy, but it’s probably good for me to get out of my comfort zone as far as production stuff goes

I’m really looking forward to getting my midi cable to get some electribe x microbrute action going :slight_smile:


Damn I don’t know how I slept on this - but I may (eventually) get back to you! Thanks :smiley:



it’s been a couple of weeks since I got my electribe, thought I’d share an update-y thing

so far I’m really enjoying it! it’s making me realize that I was probably a hardware person more than I’d like to admit, considering that the idea of a box that I can just turn on to make stuff with has always appealed to me (gameboys, electribe, what I tried to turn my laptop into)

being a 400 dollar box means that I’m running into some limitations obviously! the biggest one that I’ve been trying to get around is pattern switching – the electribe can’t really handle switching between 4 bar patterns super well, and there’s an audible gap at the moment it switches, which isn’t great. it also has a voice limitation; the box says 24 voices, but some parts can take up multiple voices, especially if you’re having the part play multiple tones at once like chords and stuff like that, so I’m running into voice stealing/cutting out a fair bit

the weird thing is that both of these limitations kind of combined to create a workflow that I’m ok with? I basically write two sections into one pattern, having the first section be based on the tonic note of the key I’m writing in and the second section be whatever I want to move the bass note to (usually a 6th or something, I’m writing dance music) and mute those parts. then whenever I want to switch between sections I’ll just mute all of the tonic parts and unmute all of the other parts

it saves on voices per pattern, since I’ve essentially cut my voices in half, and it also handles the section transitions for me as long as I have enough fingers to hit all the buttons with! and if I want to do an actual section change I can cover up the gap with some master effect thing or whatever, so it’s not a huge deal

I did end up grabbing a raspberry pi to act as a usb host for my setup, since the electribe doesn’t act as one. so now I can sync my gameboys with the electribe and a microbrute with a korg km-404 mixer to put it all together woo

and the cool thing about the rasp pi is that I can actually run LittleGPTracker on it, which I can use as my sample player thing! I was planning on grabbing a volca sample as a drum machine sampler thing, but LGPT can do that AND handle other things. so it all worked out in the end, we lived happily ever after, etc.


That’s a pretty nice and clever setup! Cool to see the electribe can pull its weight. Love the idea of using an rpi for medium lifting stuff. Can we hear some of your work :3

I went to buy a new interface the other day and got to play with a minilogue for a bit. I think it might be the coolest budget synth I’ve ever heard. The thin is just packed tight with stuff and the keyboard is pretty nice for not being full size. Glad to see a budget synth with more than two octaves.

The envelopes are slow and weird though. Like, really noticeably slow. Its actually kind of hard to make stabby patches, which is going to be a thing for a machine with a step sequencer


I’ll post some of my stuff soon! I’m still getting kinks worked out as far as not having a workspace big enough to have everything set up and my own personal return to a traditional 4/4 dance style – I’ve been in the future bass/trap mindset for a while so I’m going through periods where I write something, think it’s terrible and delete it. but I have a song that I’m comfortable building on so I’ll probably do a video of the song when I finish it

the minilogue sounds so cool! but the envelopes being slow is a weird quirk – hopefully it’s workable? korg seems to make things that would be perfect except for a COUPLE things that keep the cost low. I like that! but it seems to happen a lot, especially considering how excited people seem to be for the minilogue


now I’m looking at youtube videos of the minilogue and holy shit it looks great


For the first time ever I could really do with a monster multi-in USB audio interface

Anyone got a recc?


Whoa, what exactly is the Pi doing in your set up? Despite a couple ambitious projects, Linux seemed like kind of a backwater for audio stuff when I last tried, what, with the need for a different kernel and all.


so the pi isn’t doing any of the heavy lifting really – it’s just bridging gaps between different parts of my setup

my problem was that the electribe and my gameboys couldn’t talk to each other. I can send MIDI to my gameboys with a teensyboy that I have, but my teensyboy is only a usb device, not a host. additionally, the teensyboy is powered by usb and the other methods of powering it (backpowering through a gameboy) don’t work because I’m using a DMG-07 4 player adapter to send the MIDI sync to multiple gameboys. the electribe isn’t a host either, which basically means there’s nothing to translate the MIDI data between the electribe and the teensyboy

(sidenote: essentially, a teensyboy is an arduinoboy but instead of an arduino it’s a much smaller board called a teensy. arduinoboys were the first real midi -> gameboy solution)

so what I’m doing is using the pi to act as a usb host between my electribe and my teensyboy using aconnect on startup (when i get that set up). normally I’d be considering solutions like some of the iConnect MIDI hub stuff, but those are pretty expensive for a few devices and the pi has the added benefit of being able to run LittleGPTracker!

LittleGPTracker (LGPT for short) is a sample-based tracker software that runs on a lot of things! it has windows/mac builds, but it also has a homebrew PSP build, a gp2x build, and linux builds. its interface is REALLY similar to LSDJ (it’s pretty much the same, except it runs samples instead of sounds from the GB sound chip), so I can hook up an audio interface to the pi and do sample stuff if I need to. I haven’t completely tested it out yet, so there might be a few snags still, but I think it’ll work!


I’m not an expert on audio interfaces but you can get a focusrite 18i8 for around $350 new! that one has a bunch of inputs (up to 18 with some finangling, but it looks like 8 without it) and a basic 2 out setup

if you’re looking for more expensive stuff, I borrowed a rme fireface 400 for a little and it was AMAZING. super clean w/ a ton of mixer options. it’s really expensive though! I think they go for like $1200-1400 retail, and it’s only 2 ins.

my own interface is a komplete audio 6, which is 4 in 2 out for around $200-300 depending on how new you want it – I’ve had zero problems so far, but I’ve also heard of them crapping out after a couple years


Yo I just copped a Ka6 too we’re geartwins

I recommend the MOTU Ultralite MK III or AVB for a tight midrange audio interface. Been reccing them successfully for a few people now. Lots of analog inputs and outputs in a halfrack size, built like a tank, doesn’t look like a chocolates tin, ins and outs are DC coupled for interfacing with modular synths, just a really solid piece of gear overall. Around $600, more for the AVB


Has anyone seen the Korg Volca FM? I, like most people on this forum probably, am a huge fan of FM synthesis and I would seriously consider buying one. I’ve never owned any kind of hardware electronic instrument but maybe this will be my first?

I have no idea when this thing is actually for sale or what, but it’s something to keep an eye on.


Man I am SO DAMN EXCITED for the volca fm

A 6 operator fm synth for 150? With control over most parameters?

It can even load dx7 patches I’m in love