electronic music technology appreciation thread


Might end up going for real money, but who knows, worth watching. They had a slightly mislabeled Nakamichi Dragon on there, a week or two ago, that did still go for lots of money.


I recommend the plugins from this website http://www.airwindows.com/

especially ToTape. Everything is free.


I give to his patreon but you don’t have to


I have some of those, can’t complain even if I don’t think any have become personal go-tos


A few suggestions:

  • Like I said, ToTape is cool.
  • Capacitor is a set of really smooth hp and lp filters that I use a lot.
  • Console5 has become a standard during mixing. I have done blind tests with clients and friends and people consistently choose the mixes where I simply throw it on. It’s a system where you put the channel version of the plug on every channel and the bus version on your summing bus. There is an updated version that uses a different distortion algorithm but I haven’t tried it much yet.
  • Energy is an interesting high frequency eq that works best additively and technically only works as intended when used at 44.1kHz. It doesn’t use a linear phase algorithm so you can do a lot of boost without adding pre-ring.
  • DeRez is a bitcrusher with smooth controls that respond well to automation.