electronic music technology appreciation thread


Might end up going for real money, but who knows, worth watching. They had a slightly mislabeled Nakamichi Dragon on there, a week or two ago, that did still go for lots of money.


I recommend the plugins from this website http://www.airwindows.com/

especially ToTape. Everything is free.


I give to his patreon but you don’t have to


I have some of those, can’t complain even if I don’t think any have become personal go-tos


A few suggestions:

  • Like I said, ToTape is cool.
  • Capacitor is a set of really smooth hp and lp filters that I use a lot.
  • Console5 has become a standard during mixing. I have done blind tests with clients and friends and people consistently choose the mixes where I simply throw it on. It’s a system where you put the channel version of the plug on every channel and the bus version on your summing bus. There is an updated version that uses a different distortion algorithm but I haven’t tried it much yet.
  • Energy is an interesting high frequency eq that works best additively and technically only works as intended when used at 44.1kHz. It doesn’t use a linear phase algorithm so you can do a lot of boost without adding pre-ring.
  • DeRez is a bitcrusher with smooth controls that respond well to automation.


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If you’re already familiar with East Coast subtractive synthesis, the volca modular feels like it originated in The Upside Down, thus instantly evoking curiosity and experimentation, because unless you’re already initiated, the results can be less than intuitive.

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but watch me get obsessed with the volca drum





16 steps + chaining. BUT I realise now that I forgot to mention what ACT.STEP does. It enters a mode where you can turn on and off individual steps in the sequencer, per track. Effectively making the tracks different independent lengths. This way drifting polymeter rhythmical patterns appear, which do not loop as often. It’s one way to make patterns feel longer, and less loop like.



The only things I have been able to parse from the small bit of literature I’ve read is that there is some recall implementation and backwards compatibility. Anybody have the inside scoop?


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If they nail this I think the entire world can quit retroing old gear