electronic music technology appreciation thread


since people are talking drum machines what’s the take on the drumbrute impact (also original drumbrute)

I got this dream of 16 or whatever drum outs to tons of pedals and just having dub bliss in my basement

need an additional, say, $5000 to do my Romantic Dream with all the channels and have my dumb analog circus but anyway…

is the drumbrute impact cool…? or not cool


I think it’s basically impossible to make a new drum machine that’s better than having a broad sample library at this point but then I do work on samplers for a living


The Akai MPK Mini Play thing just announced is literally a controller keyboard with a Gen MIDI chip in it for the onboard sounds



I have heard mixed things about the drumbrute and slightly better things about the drumbrute impact

most of those better things have had to do with that FM perc sound on the impact that lets you do quite a bit of harsh mangle-y noise stuff if you want

but none of the drumbrute sounds have impressed me since they’ve come out, and the kick seems especially boring

it seems like one of those things where if you do end up having that amazing pedal setup with 16 outs and tons of routing then it’ll be cool, but like brooks said, it’s nothing you can’t do with a good sample library


I’ve heard the volca kick do much more than just kicks - it’s a pretty interesting synth that also has the ability to Just Do Kicks if you need it to imo

the bass is a little more standard and dependable, but also slightly more boring

here’s a video by 0f.digital doing some stuff with the kick that kind of shows off its range:

(he’s based in melbourne!)


Honestly the thing that excites me most, even though it’s been possible for fucking ages, is triggering drum samples/chips/uh with actual kits and the challenge of projecting and mic’ing up the output
I don’t yet have the dough or space for a V-drum rig but it’ll happen eventually


Nah, you’d get way more hands on control for getting weird live with one of those late 90s/early 2000s alesis drum machines with like 12 outs, and a mess of pedals. Samples are cool, but I don’t think you could build a performance around them in the way that tkg is talking about.

At best you could hard pan your samples to left and right, use a stereo splitter and have two effect chains going into your mixer.


oh sick that is interesting

the more i think about it the more sure i am, a good squelchy kick sound is like, one of three sounds that always brings me bliss. also i don’t think any of my current boxes actually do sines?


Just gonna put out there that both the Neutron and the Model D can do really pretty decent kicks, thanks to the CV options

My kick generator of choice these days is actually D16’s Punchbox plugin, and if anyone did a(n) (analogue) hardware version I’d probably have to purch


so the latest is that the web store sent the exchange for my volca fm and i’d asked for a mix but they sent a sample. i wanted the mix for the power supply as well as the mixing, i know it’s not like necessarily a great option as a straight mixer but is it an especially bad one? like i have a guitar pedal supply and daisy chain but the Korg plug is different right? i don’t have any mixer or interface at the mo either

like i don’t have a computer and samples sound fun but also like maybe not what i wanna spend volca money on when i can get a kick instead, so i guess i’m tossing up what to swap this sample for or even if i should just keep it despite my feelings


If I recall correctly the mix has both an aux send for effects, and mute buttons for each channel, which are cool and seldom show up on sub $100 mixers. I have a feeling in the $150 area though you could probably find something with both of those, a more robust EQ, and more channels. You’d just need a couple 1/4 to 1/8 adapters


That being said, a “real” mixer is going to have double the footprint minimum and that’s a legit factor to consider if you’re playing out and not just sprawled out on your desk.


i think the main thing that appeals to me about the volca mix is the size and mute buttons, but if those aren’t a huge deal and you’re ok with messing around with different cables and adapters, you can probably find a behringer mixer for less than $100 and it’ll do pretty much what the volca mix does in a slightly larger footprint

i have a xenyx 802, and there’s an added bonus if you get one of the USB models in that you can send audio directly from the mixer to a computer without an interface


Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t complain to me when they find out their USB mixer just carries the main stereo mix, and not every separate channel. So heads up if that’s your expectations.


see that’s weird to me because i’ve only ever thought that usb would carry just the main stereo mix




so, like, i have another problem, and it’s:

i dragged my feet long enough on picking up the volca kick that i noticed the webstore’s selling a drumbrute impact for twice the price. and a good kick is super important to me, but a full drum machine incl. FM and those extra sequencer steps is super tempting too. i’m gonna check out the kick and stuff on the drumbrute when i get a minute this weekend but there’s definitely a dumb part of me that says i should get both and just make songs out of rhythm hits

also like hey thanks for all your advice with this stuff lately babes


More virtually, FabFilter’s Pro Q3 just happened, at last, and they’ve done literally everything I wanted - dynamics nodes, freq masking monitoring, resonant peak danger guidance
I cannot imagine a better subtractive EQ tool at this point


i was pretty unimpressed with the kick on the original drumbrute, but the individual outs will let you do whatever you want with it if you have any effects you’d like to throw on! and that FM instrument is pretty interesting and could lead to a good layer for the kick if you messed around with it I bet


mmmm true. i’ve been thinking on it and it’s only like a $60 discount on the drumbrute, maybe it’s worth waiting for a while since i don’t have a bunch of effects units. the FM though… i’ll have a bit more of a think