electronic music technology appreciation thread


Everyone should have a PSS-480 and this seems like the next best thing.


Man I got one of these, and it was way too quiet compared to the original one. So I said something to Bleep, and they sent me another, and it is also way too quiet. This makes me kinda sad, because it means comparing it to my original one with its steadily decaying sound is much more difficult.

On the plus side, they sound pretty decent when hooked into an amplifier, so I can do that twice now.


aw that sucks - I didn’t realize it was softer

although honestly I bet if you fiddled with it you could probably get it to be louder without much work

I know nothing about doing that though so I won’t do it :open_mouth:


Yeah, I have no idea, but I might try now that I have a backup one.


So the Behringer Neutron is also outrageous value for dough and definitely has A Character

That stated, something about all things synthesizer feels desperately beside the point in 2018

I’ve long joked that music is a finished technology but I’m not sure that’s such a joke any more


I don’t know how the Neutron snuck past me but that thing looks like all kinds of fun. I just caught wind of it last week when I was trying to figure out what the consensus had come to on their Moog knock off.


uhhh so i bought the volcas FM and Keys and Beats off someone but like

i’d just ordered the FM from an online shop a couple days before

what should i try and swap the store-bought one for? sample/bass? i don’t see myself using a lot of samples but like. why are the bass and keys separate devices


ok actually maybe i’ll see if i can trade up to a monologue. my mate has one but they’re monophonic right?? so having two in a project is fine???

the volcae are $219 down from $260, the monologue is $340 down from $450 or so. this… seems like a good idea?? i played with my mate’s today and it was juicy y’know


I dont the have the Beats but the general consensus is why bother with it now that the Sample is out.


monologue seems good! it’s replaced the microbrute as the monophonic cheaper analog synth to have I think. it can sequence and stuff as well, and will give you a better keyboard to use with the volcas if you don’t already have one

if you’re somehow still stuck on volcas and only want those, I’d trade the FM for a sample even if you don’t plan on sampling much - the sample is considered to be far and away the best volca for just throwing down ideas and messing with samples, and pretty much obsoletes the beats as @LaurelSoup said

but if you’re willing to go for a monologue I’d do that! and then maybe try and get a sample instead of the beats :slight_smile:

if you weren’t so far away I’d sell you my beatstep pro for cheap! it got a firmware update that lets it sequence volcas and is probably one of the better sequencers for all of it considering how many outs it has


this is great advice, thank you! i think i’m gonna try n get the monologue for now, and maybe just keep an eye out for a sample in the future. like, don’t want too many new boxes all at once, but maybe there’ll be a gear swap soon


Drum Wolves are dirt cheap around here. If you want a drum machine and really don’t care about the samples, maybe that’s a way to go? People seem to hate it though.



so i fully acknowledge this is a Problem by this point, but if i have a volca keys and a monologue, but don’t see myself doing much with the beats, does anyone have any opinions on the volca bass v volca kick? i’m not exactly looking to make EDM but bass and kicks are super important to me, and the kick on the DS-10 was always my favourite thing


The Roland TB-03 is almost cheap enough that I’ve convinced myself that I’ll eventually just buy that instead of investigating the Volca Bass.

I’ve seen videos where the Kick has been used to spit out some bass lines. I’m not sure how limited it is though.


And it’s probably a settled question regarding sequencers but the Microbrute plays nicely with Korg’s SQ-1 as do the Volcas and the POs. I haven’t tried the midi capability on mine but it’s there (Im doing noise so I’m probably not a good role model for most the electroheads here). It might not be as complete a package as the beatstep pro but it feels really nice, solid, and compact.

If you don’t care about CV gear, you’re probably better off with the cheap Korg synths over the brute.


I was watching some youtube gear vidz last night, and I had missed that last month Behringer showed an early prototype of a 909 clone that they’re making in addition to their 808 from earlier this year. Neat. Seems like they’ll be $350-400?

Will be real sweet and I will get one in a couple years when they’re going used for sub 200.


Their minimoog was superb
As per that, I’ll wait for the nerdo comparison vids before actually dropping any more money but suspect I’ll preorder anyway just in case


Also I’ve been watching this guy’s videos over the last week or two and I like them.

Also I’ve been playing with my Push 1 every other night or so, in the dark laying down on the couch with headphones, using the Surface Pro with the screen turned off as a dedicated CPU/Audio box and battery - it lasts about 1.5-2hrs running with a few channels.

I wish you could dim the LEDs, you can on the Push 2 apparently but I can’t find a way on the 1?

sounds cool 2 me 2


I’ve been on the hunt for a reasonably priced LoC tape deck for years, and that dude just profiled one on this YouTube channel . My odds of landing one just fell dramatically. Boo to that guy.