Elden Ring


the best thing worth noting is that grrm and miyazaki both have very wide, cool influences and maybe they will just take all of those and riff on them together

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I mean it’s interesting to see a thread demonstrate such a powerful skew, I’m actually more eager to see how accurately this tired brass section ends up matching the actual composition

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Anothersphere play Need For Speed (the name is need for speed.)

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Nevermind Game of Thrones. George R R R R Marrrtin wrote the most depressing episode of the New Twilight Zone. I hope this is the side of him we’re getting.


You’re in a thread about From deliberately generating hype with this auteurist George R. R. Martin thing. Seems safer to assume they all along knew exactly what they’re doing by elevating this heroic named creator


I think that’s reasonable for authors, although I’m not familiar with his TV writing. It also sounds, from the context in this thread, that his image is inexorably tied with decisions of the Game of Thrones TV show.


wait so this’ll secretly be a megaman game is what you’re saying?

color me interested

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not even a GOT fan but I wish my first introduction to this was a carefully prepared trailer instead of a news article because I probably would have gone nuts

let’s just leak the hum-ho games before E3 from now on

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The only one I’ve played was Underground for a few minutes (not sure if 1 or 2), those were pretty hot back then, still seem revered classics of the sort. Recommended? I’d go back for some street racing. Soundtracks were also very choice with a few fav artists/tracks.


i only skimmed this thread but grrmartin is making a street racing game with the studio ghibli guy and it’s called Elden Ring?


Rudie recommended it to me too and it’s incredible. I can’t even tell what the intonation of that is. You can get it for free if you have one of the Origin subscriptions. I had trouble getting my gamepad to work, which was weird and what ultimately stopped me from playing it more

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I think that “In the House of the Worm” might make for a good video game setting.


Why hasn’t anyone thrown money at a 100 Years War prestige show yet. The Joan of Arc arc alone would bring in a tsunami of twitter yass kween cash


i think the worst possible cultural product that could exist is a ryan murphy joan of arc show. it has to happen


stop it brain

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From the interview it genuinely sounds like FROM + GRRM (not HBO) are trying to make their own BotW and shit doggy IDK I’m excited


when am i gonna get my witcher-like game in which the setting is co-authored by mary gentle

please give it to me