Elden Ring


Maybe he’s just describing his own nips. Maybe he’s really into his own nips. Maybe he’s writing what he knows


George Martin, staring down the length of his own naked torso on the couch:

“hey there railroad, do you want the ice or do you want the fire?”

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he turns out to have gotten the entire inspiration for the series from the sex scene from do the right thing

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ive always wanted to fight those horrific, multiple paragraph meals

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honestly the idea of writing any sex scene in wordstar for DOS is automatically at least as perverted as like, an upholstered dildo shop

what do you think is the best erotica ever written in emacs


dude’s nips would have to be Odo from star trek taking multifarious form and hue with every change in mood or the weather


the gpl


Fine naysayers, just saw

this is like the first time peanut butter met chocolate, it’s gonna be incredible!

Try and one up lib that

please don’t disappont spher


i think game of thrones is almost total dogshit but i am wild hype for this as just a hilarious cultural event if nothing else

plus i mean it’s not nothing else, i’d be hugely interested in from software + any collaborator


Fingers crossed this is for a free to play mobile game or battle royale thing


From Software and George RR Martin present: Dark Souls: Builders


finally, the sequel to eternal ring has somebody already made this joke


If people love Miyazaki so much, they should want him to make a sequel to the first game he was put in charge of.

Which is my way of saying I really want AC4A part 2.


wake me up when its a Miyazaki / Miyazaki collab


really I’d love to live through Chromehounds, or see its concepts of limited radio communication and commander roles and movement over a large-enough map for called-out interception be applied to some other chunky mech game


yes the on-the-nose “subversion” is what gets to me. it’s arrogant. forgoing any actual nuance just to flex to your audience that no one’s ever DARED pull these kinds of ideas in fantasy before. better hold onto your balls KIDDO

imo GoT was most entertaining a couple of seasons in when it felt like i was watching a cellular automaton unfold - seeing characters disperse and randomly interact with others from up-until-then separate settings, without always offering clear “beats” or “closure” - but it was impendingly obvious that stuff would have to become more cemented and predictable to give it any kind of climax, and i have no idea how you’d evoke that comparison in an RPG anyway. i’d never recommend the show to anyone unless they have a buddy also viewing it for the first time, because speculating where it might go is far more interesting than actually seeing it through.


face/off but-


Hideki Miyazaki’s Seven Books I Mean Nine Season I Mean-

Whoever publishes this is going to make them throw in a trophy that references Game of Thrones directly, that’s all I know.


what are the odds GRRM insists on referencing characters or details that were changed in the tv adaption just out of spite

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So how about that talk of different lords of lands with different powers to gain for your char

Oh wait sorry don’t have another Game of Thrones joke yet, that’s what I should be scraping for